Expat in Lisbon - Cost of living

Hello everyone!!!

I plan on moving to Lisbon in May. I will get 700 euros net but I won't have to pay for rent or bills. Everything is paid by the company. You think that it's enough to live and have a normal social life? Any help would be much appreciated!!!!

Thanx a lot!!!!


I wish I had every month 700 Euros just to eat and enjoy ones self.

A lot of people in Portugal are earning less than 500 a month and they have to find everything many of them young people trying to bring up a family.

Why  have you got the Spanish flag in you message and not the Portuguese ?

I also thought it was more than enough but wanted to be sure. Here in Greece it's the same and it's getting worse every single day! Thank you for your help!! (I have no idea why i have the spanish flag lol I'll check it)


hi, €700 are more than enough fr a good iving here. but only if ure single .

Hi Tania,

How are you?

Are you living in Lisbon already?
Do you need any information or any help?

Let me know. I'm Portuguese by the way, and my 2010 vacations in Greece were awesome:D!