Can I actually , operative word is "live" on about 1000 USD per month somewhere very near the water but close to a cultural centre?

Sorry, forgot to mention I'm a Brit and an American passport holder.


Hi Sophietta,

1000 USD is +/- 760 EUR.

If you wanna live close to the water i recommend Cascais, that is where i live.

You can get an apartment here for 400-500 per month. A good one. Not the ones in front of the sea of course but 10-15mins walking to the beach.

So, to that price you have to add utilities bills and food and your daily costs and i think that 760 is not enough, but is only my opinion.

hi sophie, if u live in lisbon near rossio or in rossio near the river and the castle, u can have an appartment for more or less €250 and including the bills it will gonna cost u €350 approx. so with this €760 is more than enough.


Thank you for your comments....very much apprecciated!


If you chose to live in an area like Setubal or Sesimbra, you will be right at the water or very close, rents can be in the neighborhood of 300Euros as in the comment above. Lisbon is an easy drive or bus ride away. And the tourist hustle and bustle of Lisbon and the north side of the Tejo is not ever-present.

Thank you! I so appreciate your, hopefully, realistic comments.  looking forward to hearing more....


I found a place for you it is near the sea with bread and breakfast just only 10 USD per day. Please do not forget to bring you umbrella because of hot weather.

Hi,,I've been doing research for the past 3 years on moving to Portugal from Canada. The cost of living there is much cheaper than Canada however finding a place is not easy. I've been to the Consulate to get my Visa app going and they have told me that i need at least 2000 euros a month to live there. Thats no problem for me but to live on less is a waste of time,the last thing you want to be doing in a beautiful place like Portugal is struggling to make ends meet.

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is that 2000 euros for a couple or single person?

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well i live near albufeira in the algarve and you can live nicely on about 1300e a month as long as you don't go mad

2000 is alot , depends

I am hoping to buy a property in Portugal and move over in 2017 with wife and daughter.  I will have a monthly income of £900 will that be enough to cover a comfortable lifestyle.

On that amount you might struggle in Lisbon. Take look at. Cost of Living Index 2015
Where you can compare counties, cities etc.
Portugal on average earns about half per person what we get in the UK but that obscures the fact that Lisbon and some of its surrounding towns is close to UK levels, which means that the rest of the country is very poor, especially rural areas. You can live simply at very low cost in the countryside, but don't be starry eyed about it. The Portuguese are the nicest folk I have ever met, but the rural areas suffer from them same problems as elsewhere. Mostly elderly residents, illiteracy (in the old), abandoned property, disused farms, closed shops.
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Oops, I've made it sound awful here! Don't be fooled, it's the best.

Thank you for the reply, i was looking to move to North of West Algarve which looks like a very nice area.  But i can see  by what you said about the countryside as the property s are a lot cheaper.  I hope not to move near a large city as i am retiring and would like a quiet and peaceful retirement.

If you own the place where you live then with some budgeting the three of you can live like quite comfortably with 900 quid, specially if you go rural. No splashing about though.