Cost of living in Portugal in 2024

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As every year, we invite you to share your experience regarding the cost of living in Portugal, and if possible, in the specific region or city where you live. This will help members who are planning to relocate in Portugal.

Here are some points to guide you; the idea is to provide average prices for each category:

When it comes to housing, what is the cost of renting or buying an apartment or house in Portugal?

How much do you pay for public transports such as buses, subways, trains, trams, or taxis?

Could you share the average monthly cost of your grocery shopping?

What is the cost of health insurance? How much does a medical consultation cost in Portugal?

What are the tuition fees for children?

What are the average monthly costs for electricity, gas, water, internet, and phone plans?

For leisure activities, how much does it cost monthly?

If there are other expenses you find relevant, please feel free to share them!

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For a family of 4 in Porto:

3T in Bonfim - 1350

Groceries - 500

Utilities (NOS, Endesa, water) - 165

Non-food household expenses - 320

Kids expenses - 100

Transportation (public + Uber occasionally) - 35

Education (private - GCU, extracurriculars included) - 900

Healthcare - 200-300 (out of which insurance - mgen 87)

Family entertainment - 50-60

That is essentially it.


For 2 people

groceries 250-300€

tv phones internet 70€

health insurance 200€

public transport when we use which is almost every month to go up to lisbon 8€ per person one way (Flixbus) brilliant

water 15€

gas is bottle so we buy as & when needed which is approx 2-3 months cost 65€ for 2 bottles

electric is solar so only standing fees with EDP 33€ per month


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I cannot tell you anything about this subject.  I am beginning the process and I am still in the USA

We hope to move next year in Lisbon. Hopefully, a 2-bedroom furnished place to start with.  Our plan is to travel around Portugal for the first year to see where we might end up more permanently.

Would love to hear from those who live in Lisbon area and their monthly expenses.

Thank you.


Family of 2

Rent T2:  500

Groceries: 200-300 pm

Utilities (gas,water, electricity) 170

2 mobile Phone + internet at home : 100

gym: 25

Healthcare: 0 (we use public healthcare)



Rent T1 700

Groceries 150

Utilities (Gas, Water Electricity) 110

Mobile phone + internet 70

Gym 42

Health insurance 90

Near  caldas x 2 adults and one dog

House purchase 2023. Villa, 3 bed 310 sq meters, large land area  2.5 acres purchase price euros 350,000.

Monthly costs ( 2 persons + dog)

○ Food , approx 350 - 400

○ Eating out approx 200, about 25euros on average for 2 people at local restaurant lunch menu

○ Private Health insurance 290 (over 65, MGen cover for 2 persons)

○ Electricity 100

○ Gas large bottle 105 lasts about 3 months

○ Water costs vary by season. Summer can be 70 per month and winter about 30

○Petrol, local mileage only  about 60

○Car insurance 20 euros.

To add

Phone and internet monthly




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What is the Cost of living in Portugal? Food? Restaurants? Elec? Internet? Water?