Drivers Licenses Test - South African to Swiis

Hello all,

We have been living in Geneva since last year May, we have bought a car, however this is only permitted for 12months from arival in Switzerland.

Other citizens EK, US, EU, Canada etc do not need to do a test they simply excahnge it for a Swiss one.

We are South African and therefore have to do a practical test, jeez this is liking being a teenagersall over again.

Has anybody been through this test, any advice on how to book and prepare for the test?

Thanks, much appreciad

Karen & Peter

Hi Karen & Peter,

Welcome on Expat-blog! :)

I hope other members will be able to give you info on how to prepare for the driving license test.

Wish you good luck

Hi Karen & Peter,

I think it is not really fair that you dont have the same privileges as other countries, but it is something you should do! I went to South Africa and everything is so much more easier.

Anyway, I googled a little bit and found information in different languages on the following website: [Moderated: No free advert]
Just have a check, maybe it helps you out!

Best wishes,


I did this a few years back, and promtley failed for to agressive driving, then I had to do my whole licence all over again, starting from scratch...
so my a driving school do 2 hours to make sure your style is not south african, and use said driving schools car for test drive. (which is what I did the second time round and passed without any problem)
Have fun

I dont understand this.  Most websites that I have been to (including the South African Embassy in Bern) have stated or indicated that South Africans do not have to undergo the test.

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