How can I migrate to Switzerland as truck driver

How can I migrate to Switzerland as a truck driver

Impossible due to Covid-19 and the fact that there are many European country residents who can work there without the need for visas etc which you will have to get at great cost to employer.
Language skills would be needed too.

Hello dear,
I am inscribing in letter to inform you that I am  Seeking for good job as a heavy driver. I have 4 years experience in gulf country in Oman .l  hope this massage will arrive to accurate place 
Your beloved
Nishan deep Singh

@Sonu Jalaf

Read post#2.
There will not be a job for you.

Can you give me the particular reason ?? Why I am not able to migrate as heavy driver work visa

I am working  as a heavy  license  driver  in kuwait .I want work in Switzerland . How can I ?

Plz guide  me.

Such jobs are not available. unless you are an EU citizen.