Work Permit through concubinage in Luzern

Hi community; i looking for some free advice.

I’m from Central America and my Girlfriend is from Spain, she holds a C permit and we just tried unsuccessfully to get a concubinage permit in Kanton Luzern, they suggested a 6 week waiting period and after a couple of visits requesting an answer finally got one today 12 weeks late, Long story short, the officer said,  we are sorry we missed placed your file and didn't review it, because of that my tourist visit has expired so consequently, you have to leave the country and apply from outside switzerland. Obviusly this was pure negligence.

My question is, if anybody has had any experience on hiring an immigration lawyer under this circumstances and has had any positive outcome.   

Thank You

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Immigration lawyers can be quite pricey, have you contacted your Embassy. The website can be found HERE.

They can’t help me, part of the request to immigration was to extend the Toursit Visa to have enough time to gather all proper documentation required for the Permit, but the gemainde purposefully ignored the application so they could argue i ran out of time and now im obligated to apply from Outside the country.
Thanks for advise though.

I don't know how good this is, all the same, its worth the try and if they can't help you, they might be able to point you in the right direction.The service is Free. They have an online chat service and also Skype service and telephone helpline.


Good luck

Edit: Please let us know how you get on  :top:

Much appreciated 👍🏾

I'm not sure to understand here.

Did they rendered a formal decision telling you that your permit application was refused ?

If not and if they have really misplaced your file just send them a proof that you sent it on time and ask for another visitor visa (if you don't have a proof ask for an email confirming they lost your application). At the same time re-send your entire file with a cover letter explaining the situation.

The idea here is that if you really sent an application on time and they lost it without giving you formal decision it is legally still being processed and unless I am mistaking you are entitled to stay as long as a decision has not been rendered.

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