Bringing a car from the US

Is it possible to bring a car from the US and license in CH?

Hi Juddd,

This is what I found while researching for the same topic:

"You must pay import duty (consisting of customs duties based on weight of the vehicle and engine capacity; 4% consumption tax; 7.5% Value added tax; and 15-Fr for the report) to import a car that you owned for less than six months.
Contact is the customs authority for full details.

Cars you owned for more than six months are exempt from import duty and will simply require filling out a clearance request form. Also consider selling your cars and buying a car in Switzerland, or use a bike or public transportation"

I'll keep looking for more info as I'm interested to have more detail.

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I just recently moved here and moved a car.  I have owned it for years so I meet the "6 month" rule.  Additionally, you will be able to drive it here with the US plates for up to a year.  (some questions at the CH border sometimes, but no problems) 

In the end it will have to pass an inspection from the Canton.  With that said, one should make sure if a car is brought to CH, it will pass the inspections. 

Once you pass inspections you can get the license plates.

Some considerations: 
US cars don't always get good gas mileage and gas is much more expensive here (3x)
US cars may not pass the vehicle inspection.  (ie., kilometers are used vs. miles on the speedometer etc., )

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Hi jermar14,

Where can we get a list of what is checked in inspection?
My car is fairly new and with low mileage.

Thanks for your help

Hi Jermar14,

Just mentioning something I've heard; Privately imported cars are not very popular with the Swiss population. Should you want to sell it at one point this could be something to consider. It would then be worth less than the same car bought through a Swiss dealer.

Cheers, Bob.

So,  if i bring in my car with current US tags and insurance, i'm good for 1 year and THEN I need to do all the inspections for a local license?

If your car is a "typical" US car (meaning it's a boat) you may want to consider just buying one here. Depending on where you are moving to, you might find that parking is going to be a difficult process.

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