Dependent Visa for spouse and child from India

I have applied for my Residence Permit and received the acknowledgement. I have the following clarifications.

1. I would like to know if I can ask my spouse and child to apply for Dependent Visa with the acknowledgement that I have received from Identity Malta or should I wait for my Residence Card?

FYI - I also have rented an apartment for an year and I have a rental agreement for it as well.

2. My Visa was stamped for 3 months and was only a single entry. Could you please let me know, how can I change it to Multiple entry? Is there any special procedure for it.

1.- Probably you should wait for your permit first. Right now you don't have guaranteed status here. Once you get your permit you can apply for your spouse and child.
2.- If you were given a single turist visa the only way to get a multiple entry is applying again. I had the same situation and what I did was to leave Malta (because I had some meetings abroad)  , applied for a new Schengen visa and came back. The acknowledgment they give you allows you reside here for 3 months. The idea is that you came to reside and you should wait patiently :)

Thank you for your reply

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to invite family member (spouse) immediately after getting my residence permit as non eu? Because I read somewhere that we can only apply for it after 2 years.



You can ask your family to apply for Family Visit Visa through VFS India to Malta  and then apply for their residence permit in Malta through Identity Malta, provided your net salary is above 19,000/year. Else you will have to wait for 2yrs or more.

Thank you very much Deepika, your quick & nice response really help me a lot to find the answer of my question.
It would be really great if you could tell me:

Can I also work there as a dependent or I will also need to apply for a separate work permit? Because my husband will get the "single work permit" for Malta.

Thanks again!

Yes. You will require a Work Permit if you want to work any where in Malta or in that case anywhere in EU even if you are a dependent.

Thanks again Deepika,

We are currently in Germany and as a dependent I have all the rights to work here part-time and full time with any employer, so its possible here to work on dependent permit. Even I am working here since last year.

So may be it's not the same in Malta right?


The same applies here as well I think. Provided the employer is able to provide you with a Work Permit. Thats how it is here in Malta.

Thank you very much Deepika, now everything is clear  :)

Thanks Deepika.

I have noticed that many countries allow "open" work permit to the dependent family members, that allows the spouse to find a job in any company. These dependent but open work permits are obviously tied to the main applicant.

I would really appreciate if you could confirm following based on your experience:

- does the govt allow "open" work permit to the dependent family members?

- do you need an employer to sponsor/support the work permit, and once secured, you are only allowed to work for that employer and cannot switch jobs?

I am planning to move to Malta with my family, and while my existing company with a branch in Malta would support my move, the company would only support getting right visa for my family members.

I want to know if my wife (who is skilled and post-graduate) need to find a job before she applies for a dependent work permit or she can get her work permit irrespective of whether she finds a job or not.

Secondly, is she (and myself) allowed to switch a job after getting the work permit.

FYI - we are Canadian Citizens, employed in Canada and are considering a move to Malta.

Being educated, my wife really wants to continue being employed - but we are wondering if it may be very difficult for her to find jobs given limited opportunities in Malta.

Thanks in advance for your responses.


To answer your questions

- does the govt allow "open" work permit to the dependent family members?

Ans: No. There is no open work permit in most EU countries. Especially in Malta. Your Work Permit is tied to the employer. But at the same time the dependent is free to find a job and work provided the work permit is provided by the employer.

- do you need an employer to sponsor/support the work permit, and once secured, you are only allowed to work for that employer and cannot switch jobs?

Ans: Yes. Your work permit is tied to your employer. If you plan to switch jobs then the employer needs to apply for a separate work permit. Also your residence permit reflects which employer you are working for, hence if you change jobs you will have to reapply for residence permit as well.

As for your wife, I would advice that she starts applying to jobs in Malta through job sites specific to Malta and once you are in Malta visit the Job Plus office in Valletta. They will guide you.

Hope this helps


Thanks Deepika, truly appreciated.

Thank you for the information.

Can someone help me get in touch with a recruitment company for a job as a nurse.If possible a real person and not just a company name.

kmshrestha :

Can someone help me get in touch with a recruitment company for a job as a nurse.If possible a real person and not just a company name.

Your question has nothing to with thread "Dependent Visa for spouse and child from India" For a better response you should start a new topic, Also have a look at previous posts about Nursing as this has been discussed a few times.

Do I need to have a recidence card to apply VISA for my spouse and kids when they are in Malta on schengen VISA.

What would be the quickest way to get them in Malta.

Yes. You will need your residence card and then you can apply for dependent visa for your spouse and kids.

And any idea when can I apply for residence card on arriving there. What is the processing time once applied for the recidence card.

Will there be any problem if I get my family on schengen VISA and apply for dependent or recidence permit from Malta itself.

Considering the schengen VISA has some time limitation . Is it possible to start the processing although the Schengen VISA is going to expire.

Can I extend the schengen VISA from Malta.

Thanks I advance.

Hi am a nurse and I got employment visa to Malta. Is that easy to take my spouse and children or I have to wait?

Biya Merin

To bring family you need net salary above 19,000/year

Hello Dipika,
Can you please explain the procedure of applying dependent visa from Malta. I have resident card of malta and my wife is coming on visit visa. Since she has short visa, I need to apply her visa on urgent basis.

Thanks in advance

Hi can anyone tell how much time I would take to get residence permit .
Thanks in advance
Biya Merin

Hey Deepika,

How's You?

Hey please help me out here.
I have just applied for my residence card. have landed in malta a fortnight back.
How do you think i can get my wife and child on a dependant visa. II have a net salary of about 23k Euros.

Shall be really thankful if you could help me out here.
I read your statements above. but am still getting vague ideas over them

its a humble request, Please text me on the no above.

Aaftab Khan

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I would request you to go to Identity Malta directly and get more information. They keep changing the rules often, n I dunno how it is now.

I am from India. I am on single permit whereas my wife is with me on dependent VISA.  I am not sure about Indian education recognition in Malta. In case she is required to undergo some course to convert Indian education to Malta's recognized education, she would require to apply for student VISA. In that case can she apply for student visa from Malta itself ?  Secondly if she gets any job opportunity here, then can she apply for work permit then employment visa from Malta itself. I mean without going back to India can she apply for required visa from Malta itself. Please help.

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