Residency for business?

Hi everyone,

So myself and a friend are thinking about starting a business in the DR. I had the temporary visa a few years ago but didn't follow through with residency. I am married to a Dominican so know that once I start the process again in England, it should be relatively easy. My friend however, has no ties here and so we wondered whether it was actually necessary to have residency in order to legally start a business or whether there are any ways around it. What we don't want is to be shut down or have any other issues due to not following the correct protocol. Any advice would be much appreciated!!

Your friend can  own a business here without residency. he cannot though be an employee of the business!

He would come and overstay his visitors visa.  Eventually he is going to want to get residency,  maybe based on his investment or his income stream?  It all depends.

Thanks for your reply planner. I was employed at an international school without having residency. Does that mean she could be an employee if the business were in my name only, without residency? Or would she need residency in order to work anyway?

she needs residencia to work unless she has a work visa!   Dd you have one at the int school?

Hi Planner,

Thanks for your reply. No, the school promised visas and then revoked the promise!! Several teachers worked for 2+ years without visas, I believe that they now ensure visas as part of their recruitment package.

Do I need to have residency before I can apply for citizenship? I have read a lot of conflicting information...

Out of interest, how does one obtain a work visa?

The path to citizenship includes residencia!!!

Work visa is initiated by the employer with a work offer and it is approved by the government. You then use that paperwork plus other items (not sure exactly what) to apply for the work visa. I believe it is a one year visa that can be extended!

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