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I'm looking for someone who could help me to understand some sentences from an english tv programm (panorama). I have to make an oral presentation at university and i found this topic but as i can't understand everithing, it became very though to me to continue writing the text.
Would someone meet me to help me??? Or if i continue writing my text and i leave the spaces, would someone watch a 15' video and correct my text?

I know it sounds crazy to ask something like this to strangers but I really need someone's help and i would like to meet some new people here in Brussels.



If you're doing this for university, is it not cheating to have someone do this for you? Isn't the point that you are learning to do it yourself? Sorry, I wouldn't be comfortable assisting with that.

Actually, we have to chose a text! I found the program very interesting and that's why I did chose to watch the thing and write the text. So i'm not cheating, i'm doing extra work, so you should try to change you way of thinking bad about other people withaout reasons.

To me, your attitude shows very well the way people are in general. You write messages to meet people, only because it gives you a pleasure but when someone needs something, then nobody is there because why would you do something for someone if you don't get anything? but when they need soomething i'm sure that many people complain because they can't find help.

I'm glad i got this message because at least i know that i can't count on people here.

Good bye and good luck

Uh, no, your post only shows how *you* are thinking of people. I said I wouldn't help because I wouldn't help someone cheat, which is what it sounded like you were asking. I have no problem helping people in general, and try to do it quite often. Hence being on here and offering all the advice I can to people who seek it! Maybe *you* should pay more attention before going off accusing people.

If it is not the case that you are attempting, in effect, to cheat, that's fine; but you said you were doing work for uni and you weren't able to understand it all so you wanted someone to finish writing things in for you. Is this not the case? Is this thing for a grade? If it's just for your own benefit and *not* something you will be graded on, then I'd have no problem helping.

Hi Carina and welcome to :)

You shouldn't feel let down so quickly. Just a little patience and you should find other members ready to help you ;)

Good luck

Thanks Armand,

and for the other person who was accusing me of cheating, don't come to me to tell me that i shouldn't say how people are. I don't care about your explanations: look at what you wrote, analyse it, and be aware of how you think bad of me withaout knowing anything, and how you accuse me of cheating. I'm an honest person, i didn't say i'm waiting for someone to write my text! I sayd that I CANT UNDERSTAND SOME SENTENCES, and that i would need help to understand what is being said. It's a part of the process of learning; if i can't understand why should i stay in the ignorance? Why helping someone to understand 4 sentences (it's maybe 2 minutes video) would be cheating?

When you say someone is cheating it's a judgement; you don't judge less than me. In effect, when you say "you should get your grade alone", or "you are cheatting" you are judging me, and my intentions. And even if you say i help other people, that is not my bussiness, i don't care what do you do, and it doesn't give you any merit to me.

So please, don't write me anymore, because i'm not going to read you anymore because i'm not interesting in people like you that judges people withaout proofs and that try to hide behind their "good actions".

Thanks for your message Carina.

There was some misunderstanding on the nature of your search but now that it is more clear you should have people helping you.
Beware I think you should now concentrate more on finding someone advising you, and not going off topic ;)


Please specify the language of the programme to make members decide on whether or not to help. It is in French or Nedelands?

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