living in sint niklaas want to make friends

Hi everyone.

Im laura and im from the Uk but have been living in sint niklaas belgium for just over a year. Its a bit out of the way here and not much to do so i have been struggling to make friends. If anyone has some tips or lives in the area and would like to grab a coffee sometime that would be cool.

Hello Laura,

Welcome on board :)

I created a new thread form your post on the Belgium forum. Hope it helps you in linking up with other members of this forum.


Hey Laura,

Are you working here or going to school?  What are your hobbies?  Those are the best ways to meet people here. 
Secondly, are you able to speak the language? 

I find that Flemish people tend to take a long time to warm up to foreigners.........well, at least the ones I have met.  They have to see and interact with you more than a couple of times to open up.  You will probably make more foreign friends than Flemish friends here; that's my opinion.

Im working part time and going to flemmish school too. I understand the language but im having real difficulties speaking it. My hobbies are ranged im a gamer so my playstation is quite important. Also im an animal lover i have a pug named roxy so walking is in there too. I also like swimmimg and cooking. Idlike to join a cooking class or maybe a yoga class but with my flemmish being limited i dont feel confident enough to join in these kind of social activities yet

Well, unfortunately these things take time.  Your speaking should become better and better over time especially since you are working and going to school.  Moreover, if you are working then your Dutch must be adequate.

Are you completely alone here? 

You sound young and it seems the younger people who come here expect everything to happen quickly when in reality these things take time.  In my country living there a year without finding American friends or friends period is unheard of, but this is another culture.  The Flemish are pretty slow to open up and befriend you, so you will have to be patient.  That's what my experience here has been.  Most importantly, you will have to be patient with yourself mastering the language and that does take time for sure.  It is possible; it is nothing that can't be done.

Sounds more like a confidence issue vs. a true language barrier.  You should join a club even if you feel your speaking is not very good.  Practicing in real situations is the best way to master a language.  Of course you will make mistakes, but over time you will get more and more comfortable and confident with your speaking.  Sign up for one of those classes............what do you have to lose?  You might even find a friend there. :)

Volunteering is also an option.

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