Organize an Expat blog meet-up!

Hi all,

Should you want to organize a gathering with the other members, in your town, we would be pleased to help :).

It is indeed a great way to meet new people, isn't it?

If you would like to plan a get-together, do not hesitate to contact me, or post a message on this thread: we will do our best to inform the other members in your town and to make your meet-up a success!

Have a nice day,


Tried that already, not easy to organize that in Brussels. … 81#1770290
Could join that event on June 4th :


I think this is a good idea. Are there any expat events in Antwerp?

It is good indeed. I just move to Belgium and wanna meet new friends! :)

there are a lot of expat and locals who meets in some of meetup dot com groups in Brussels (& probably elsewhere too).

[at] gavinfb > On too there are gathering that are being organized frequently and this is the purpose of this discussion.  :dumbom:

[at] all > There are a lot of you who are thrilled by this idea. So maybe you can start by giving some suggestions about the date, time and the location for this meet-up? I think that this is a very good start. :happy:  :idontagree:


Priscilla  :proud


Defo interested if something is organised in Brussels.
Difficult in the week, would rather a Friday or Sat... but flexible :) Maybe we could in September ?

Hi all!
Definitely keen for sometime in September, weekend works best for me if it's in Brussels. :)

I live really close to Antwerp if you ever want to meet up?

I am in too..

Yeah that sounds like a good idea to me too. I just moved to Brussels, so it would be nice to meet new people :)

Hey Julien, thanks for your message. I just moved here and need friends.. im well up for this too!!

Hi everyone! I'd liketo meet new people too. I arrived a week ago and will be staying only a few months but I'd like to make new friends while I'm here!

Great !! Any expats in Liège???

We're in Liege.  I'd love to get to know other expats here, too.

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing great and enjoying this lovely weather (!)...
I would like to invite you all to a meeting this Saturday 20th of September at 19.00 at Cafe Kafka( Rue des Poissonniers 21) for a few drinks.
I hope a lot of you can make it and I look forward to seeing you there to catch up and meet some new faces
Please 'like' or make a comment if you are coming so we can keep a look out for you!
See you then

hi All,

Im Leila, :) new in Belgium and  i just arrived a couple of weeks ago,
same situation as everybody here,  i need friends :sosad:

i was reading all the threads in forum and a lot  of people wants to have a meet up
but i think nobody is organizing it..

i came up to this idea about creating a group or organization on Facebook for meet ups..
i don't promote this site or something but its just for organizing meet ups..  ;)
i know that not everybody is logged in on this site but I'm sure everybody can be log in on Facebook..

feel free to go on that page and maybe we can gather all the expats in Antwerp
and we can all talk, meet and greet there..
. :) and hope someday to see all of you :)

hugs and kiss,

I'm in Antwerp :-)

I'm in Antwerp too, let's meet up.

When is the next meet-up rendez-vous?
Christmas markets season :D

meet up! meet up! come on guys,, seriously lets make this possible..
who wants a meet up on friday?? i know a place in brussels its called
La corbeau..  this is a nice place its a restaurant but
then after 9 in the evening it will turn into a party place.. anyway me and my friends will be there friday.
see u!!

email me..

Just found this topic now...
Gathering???? Sounds good, I am super excited, wud be great meeting people from any corner of Belgium..but I guess super difficult to arrange kind of those thing (hope someone/any group cud do this). I live in Achel, doesn't mind if i need to come to Antwerp, Brussel, Hasselt, Ghent, Genk, etc. Anyway......I AM IN.

12th of December at "La corbeau" ? sounds like a plan.

Who all are in ? I can see Leila44 and Blueocean285 already are in..

I created a doodle :)

Please go ahead and mark your availability.

Only one response so far.. SO, I think this is not happening :)

Sorry, I won't be able to make it.  Brussels is quite the drive and I am not much of a party person.  If someone decides to organize an outing like coffee, dinner or sightseeing, I'm interested.  Thanks

I am not a party person too.. I prefer evening meetups (dinner / xmas market or so). But yes, from Antwerp to Bru is quite a drive.. :(

Coming from Canada, it is not the distance that is the issue but more the traffic :(

Also, with the kids, it means if I go out late, I still have to get up early lol

Hehe. same situation with me, although it is only one kid :)

If I may choose...I wud prefer to have a meeting in Antwerp or maybe Hasselt, traffic in brussel drive me creyzihhh  :huh:
So guys, why don't we make an another planning to meet, lunch or coffee or maybe dinner...let says on January, plenty time to grab more people also...anyone agree???  :/

Planning is easy :) execution is not.. hehe..

I mean it...let's make a plan...I need a team..c mon guys...

Antwerp would be easiest for me... Early to mid January is fine.

Antwerp is ok for me, 17 or 24 january?!
Where?? U guys decide...i dont know antwerp so let me know

17th works for me. I'm out of town on the 24th.

Depends what we want to do. I can suggest good places for lunch, snacks, dinner etc. I need food preferences and price range.

17th wud be ok for me also...once we have alot members, we can decide later where to hang out...c mon guys...we need response...make it real  :dumbom:

Hi All,
If the meetup is on, I am in too!! I live in Brussels, but am ok to join the meetup in antwerp!

Great! Let's get this organized!

In my country (Ph) we call gatherings like these: eyeball.

dont ask me why though

is there anybody for meets-up in Brussels??

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