Hi Hi Hi Hi Looking for potential friends

ust a message saying hello i am a 22 year old girl from northeast england planning to move to flanders to be with my boy friend and looking for jobs working with young childeren. I am both excited and nervous about moving and hope to make friends

Welcome on Expat-blog hannahhadman! :)

I hope you get some nice contacts on the site.

All the best,

Helo there" 

Hope you are fine just as Iam here, nice to hear from you, infact am from Malawi living in the continet of Africa as of now and am so much interested to make friendship with you though I know that we are far apart but distance does not matter.

Am a young man aged 25 and am currently living in the city of Zomba here in Malawi, if intereted here is my email address: patsonmatewere[at]yahoo.com

Looking forward to hearing from you,hope to chat more when yoyu respond.


True but i am kind of looking for people to get to know and hopfuly meet up with once i move but by all means add me on fb hannah fancypants hadman

i would love to be your friend if possible want belgium that much..

Hannah u are welcome anything. My name is Veronica, a Nigerian studying in flanders.

Hey Hannah, good luck with your job search. Belgium (particularly Flanders! =P) is great, I'm sure you'll enjoy it here. =)

Yeah I am just a bit stressed about finding a job but i dont think there is much more i can do untill i get there or maybe find a aupair thing closer to the time

Hi Veroncia Hopefully Ill be moving close to if not in leuven as its were my bfs studies and ideally be closer to him just want to find some kind of job in childcare and then find a place to live im staying all summer and going to see what i can find.

Of course u cannot do anything until u come over then look around to see where u can fit in . Goodluck.

I'm italian and I going to start a PhD in Leuven. are you in belgium already?

No Just 4 months to go im getting both excited and nerous

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