Visa renewal

Hello guys,
I am a student, very new in Nantes.

Can someone please advise me the visa renewal process in Nantes. My Vis is going to finish on 23rd Sep so I should apply as soon as possible. I visited the site but there is no option to take the appointment for the student. Also, I did not find the visa renewal application form on the site. Does Prefecture provide the form or we should download from the site?

Also, is it possible to go to the prefecture directly without an appointment?


I have no experience with student visa renewals but I am currently renewing my long stay visa. Every Prefecture is different so information varies, you would need to go in and see them in person to get information on what you need. Not only would you need to see them in person just to get some simple information but you would also need to wait a few hours (if its anything like my prefecture near Paris).

BTW my one expires about the same time and she said I have plenty of time so no worries. But it can take a few weeks to order documents so start now ;) good luck