Carte vitale in france

Hi! My name is Sara, and I am moving shortly to Nantes, in France.

I need some help...Does anybody know where can I get the Carte vitale and if I can do it as a foreign seeking a job?

I am a bit lost with the paperwork in France. Thanks for your help!

Bonjour, Je suis Sara et je veux me demenager a Nantes, bien tôt.

J´ai besoin de un peut d´aide...Est-ce que il y a person que peux me dire où se demande la carte vitale? Et, aussi, comme je suis etrangère...est-ce que j´ai le droit de avoir une carte vitale?

Merci pour votre aide!


Hi, Sarilla_illa, my wife has been involved in helping an English expat do exactly that! They have had frequent meetings with the local CPAM.  Just phone for an interview if you are already in Nantes, or visit the Pole Emploie. If you have a definite offer of a job, your employer should be able to help..hope you are successful.  :)

Thanks for your response :)

The only thing is that I do not have a job yet... I wonder if I still can get a Carte vitale...

I am not particulary english, but if there any groups when I can relate with english/irish people I would be happy to keep my english up to date... I am fearing forgeting it now that I will be living in France.