Job offer in Khobar, need some help please!!!

Hi everyone, I have posted a topic in the khobar foum, unfortunately i did not get much answer.
I am hoping that i can get a little more feedback if a write it here.
thank you for your kindness and replies

Hi everyone, first of all  Iwould like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read and eventually answer my question and concerns.

I am a mexican single man currently working in a beautiful area of my country, I few weeks ago i got an offer to work at the sunset beach resort in al khobar as part of their management team, that time i decided that i would not take the job based on lack of information about the place,I could not find a lot info besides their website and the fact that the money that they had offered me was pretty much the same money I earn now, Well now they have called again with a better offer a little more attractive financially speaking but still havenŽt found a lot of information about the place, could anybody here could help me please... any feedback or comment will be greatly appreciate it since I am strongly considering it this time.
What i mean is any ifnormation regarding the sunset beach resort in al al khobar.




Well Al Khobar in general is my favourite places in Saudi.. Good places to eat, shop, hang out, and you even have Bahrain just a stone throw away over the bridge.

The only true and vital info I can give you is that Saudi is a very different country to Mexico, well in fact to most countries in the world.

I recommend you actually look at the regime, rules and law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, because as with me and probably every expat in the kingdom, the issues are never with the jobs we have, it is more a case of the work ethics and regime of the country that tend to cause any issues and of course being female doesn't help matters. 

Saying that, I consider Saudi my 2nd home... it has become comfortable.

With regards to sunset beach resort I really don't know enough information, but it seems nice and as with most of the major hotels and resorts in the Kingdom, they tend to be very well established, but I would hate to comment on this, as my knowledge on the resort is slightly lacking.
I know you were really after info on this and am sorry I can't help anymore

I hope more people come forward with advice.

I visited sunset beach several times. It's one of my favorite places to visit.

Just know what you're getting into, culturally.

If it's not too off-putting, make the move.  At the very least, it'll be an interesting experience.

Speaking as another single guy in the area, it can be a bit of a challenging to make new relationships and live a lively life.  Perhaps someone who works in the resort business is better at such things, compared to a hermit who sits in an office all day.

Good luck.

@Universalstop: Tell me about it..
I have been trying to find somethign to do all of last year and all what i found I posted on the Khobar page.. some stuff to do, and lots of good places to eat alright.

Hi Ben: Just wondering if you've decided to take the job in Al'Khobar. You're welcome to give me a call to help you settle in. Depending on the day (and my mood) I'm either an hour away or a few minutes away from Khobar but I'll be glad to help a fellow Latin American out.

Sincerely, alamographics

Hi Ben: Congratulations on your new job. Wish you had told me earlier. I would have come to the airport to greet you and take you out to dinner. I suppose you're quite busy. Please let me know what I can do to help you get settled in. Call me right away or anytime.

I live 40 minutes from Khobar. If you want to meet there, call me  anytime at the number I left you in you message inbox. I've sent you an email to your hotmail, so you can reply there too. Cheers!  -robert