Any help or advice for job hunting in Dammam for women


I am new here in Saudi Arabia, I am under my husband sponsorship...It's already been a month I'm seeking for a job through internet post job vacancy but my luck ain't good. Please help me or give me any advice or idea how to find job here in the Kingdom...given that I can't go outside and job hunt on my own without my husband's presence :(   
Any word of advice is very much appreciated :)
Thank you very much in advance.

Hello Zam0908.

Welcome to! :)

Hope you'll get some advices from other members soon.

In which sector are you looking for work?
What are your skills?

Thank you,

Thank you so much Aur?lie, I really appreciate it.

There is no particular sector I'm seeking in...any organization is fine with me as long as I can have a job :)I graduated Bachelor of Arts, I have 6 years work work during that time revolved on administrative task, much more in secretarial aspect - an office staff. I also have some knowledge in graphic design using photoshop in layouting. If you have time you can visit my humble site at - just started it several months ago at least to showcase my works on the artifacts section.

Thank you so much again for minding my post ♥


wasalaam ,
here in Saudi arabia you can go through web or by any friends,as i found here in this arabic country " recomendation" is like best advantage which you can gather by any source,well there are some network you can find people  or some are fake,be safe and best of luck for your future,if i heard any vacancy i will inform you asap.

Thank you so much Turbonetic007 for your reply and advice...I'm trying out, I've got two interviews but employers have no final decision yet...still hoping that in near future I can find job here...and I really appreciate your kind heart thinking to inform me about vacancy.THANK SO MUCH! Getting recommendation for now seems impossible for and my husband lives in an accommodation afar from English speaking family, we don't have yet friends along the community :( but we're trying to reach out atleast to broaden our Saudi life...Take Care!



Be with you +ve future,c wats in your hand n apart from dat leave it on GOD,wel send me your CV to

Before yo seek a job FYI and a word of caution,,,, … 0302155072

Expat housewives must stay at home: Labor Ministry
Last Updated : Saturday, March 02, 2013 1:39 AM - Saudi Gazette report

DAMMAM – The Ministry of Labor has officially warned expatriates against allowing their wives who are in the Kingdom as housewives to work in the private sector and said it considers anyone on a dependent visa working in the private sector as a violation of the residency laws and regulations of the Kingdom.

It further said residency permits (iqamas) clearly stipulate that dependents are not allowed to seek employment since they do not hold work permits, press reports said on Friday.

“Expatriate women's work in the private sector is not approved by the ministry's regulations. It is impermissible for any expatriate woman who has come to the Kingdom for any purpose other than work to be employed in any job. This regulation applies to all dependents,” said Hattab Al-Enezi, the official spokesman of the Ministry of Labor.

“Expatriates who have work visas are not permitted to work for anyone other than their sponsors. Also, they cannot work in any profession other than the one they have been recruited for,” he added.

Al-Enezi said the ministry's inspectors have not detected any violations committed by expatriate women working in the private sector. He drew attention to the fact that inspectors carry out field tours in different sectors to ensure compliance with the country's labor laws.

The Ministry of Labor's latest warning comes after several companies were accused of employing expatriate women on dependent visas to work in managerial and marketing jobs in malls, hospitals and private schools in a clear violation of the labor law.

Khulood Al-Tamimi, head of the women's section at the Council of Saudi Chambers, said the section is presently focusing its efforts on employing Saudi women in a variety of jobs

@ valar-morghulis. Thanks for this wonderful post am also job hunting, i think i better live the dream for now and see how things goes. Thank you once again for the post

AISHATOPE12 wrote:

@ valar-morghulis. Thanks for this wonderful post am also job hunting, i think i better live the dream for now and see how things goes. Thank you once again for the post

if you see in last of your iqama you will clearly see written in red Not permitted to work.