South African couple in Glasgow

Hi there
My husband and I have been in Scotland for just under a year. We having a bit of a hard time making friends. We currently in the east end but are moving to a little village just out the city at the end of the month. Would be nice to hear from anyone who knows what it's like to be an outsider.
If you know what a sosatie is even better 😉

i know were you are coming from, ive felt isolated since i moved to scotland from SA and still feel it after 22 years.

Oh my husband and i are from botswana we live in belfast (people are more friendly and its easy to make friends here, after just 6months of living here.) However we are moving to Dundee end of March, are people not friendly or its just a mind your own kind of community

My husband is Scottish & I am South african, we live out in Balloch.Me part time.If you ever in the area give us a shout

Shaun, Im hoping that after enough time ill just become numb to it.

Wame Jelly, I think it could be the community, very tight knot hard to get into the qleek, if you know what I mean, Ive been told a few times by co workers that ''We hate South Africans here, you arent welcome but you are here now so we will just have to deal with it.'' thats a direct quote by someone. Might just have to move to a new area maybe.

Faeriedee, thank you I will do so.

Oh thats not nice at all id move aswell cant live like that hope i wont meet the same kind

Hi all.. I am Kenyan and I moved here to Glasgow one and a half year ago  I still feel the strain of settling in. It does get lonely here sometimes. Hoping this community will help me make new friends.

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