Lonely South African in Glasgow

Hi.  I moved to Bothwell, Glasgow 3 weeks ago.  I have a daughter of 6 and would love to meet new friends.  Please contact me if you feel like having chat or a coffee

Hi Charmaine10222 !

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Hello Charmaine,

Are you still in Scotland? Would like to meet new peple as well! I live in Glasgow.


..and Happy New Year!


I've been living in Scotland for 13 years this year and still feel different. I have two sons of 16 and 9. Let me know if you get this message.


Hi Joanne

I live in Bothwell which is near Hamilton.  I have a daughter that is almost 7.   My partner is Scottish.  Where do you live?  Would be nice to meet some fellow country man and woman   My email is c_la_cock[at]me.com. Regards Charmaine

Hi Charmaine

I emailed you from my phone but don't think you received it.  Will log into laptop later and email you from there.  Looking forward to catching up.


Hi guys, i live in glasgow ( well just next to glasgow airport) have been in scotland for 13 years too... strange how i still feel different. I'm married and have a 6 month old and still feel like i havent settled here...
I would love to meet some new like minded outgoing honest people. Please email me if you would like to meet up??

i realize your message was recorded a while back but if you are still interested in meeting new friends and fancy a coffee and chat just let me know, i am 32 , don't have kids my self but 2 energetic and wonderful nephews , have lived in scotland most of my life but have done some traveling , hope your stay has been good so far, well by for now and hope to hear from you.

hello... you say you live next to glasgow airport?  i live next to it as well , most of my live in fact , i am 32 don't have kids of my own but do have 2 wonderful nephews , if you are still looking for friends or even just a coffee and a chat just send me a message, hope your stay has been good and enjoyable... hope to hear from you, if not i wish you all the best and luck in your stay


I live in Kirkcaldy and would also love to meet more south africans. I do already have a few SA friend around the area but I think we should expand our circle of friends :)

Would love to hear back from you...

There's this great little South African deli that opened in May 2013. It's called Veldt, on great western road. Surely they would be happy to put all  you guys in contact.

hi guys

I am still in SA and would love to move up to Scotland. I have a south african passport, is there any advice you can give me as to how i can move across? Or if you know of any positions i can apply for where companies apply for work permits on behalf of the candidate?

Any help would be great..

Thank you so much

Hi Shavira,
Because I am a EU national I am not required to have a work permit so I cannot speak from experience.

I would not hesitate and get directly in contact your local British consulate or the British embassy. After all this type of paperwork goes through them and you will have to get in touch with them at some point.

You can also take a look at the UK Border Agency website, it's the agency that regulates all immigration to the UK: http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk
It will give you a sense of what the requirements are, but again, the first step you should be taking is to make contact with British government representatives, through an embassy or a consulate.

The fact that South Africa is part of the Commonwealth will probably facilitate your immigration.

A couple of websites will help you get a feel of the current job market and housing market in Scotland:
I hope this helps :)


Hi Fiona

I am a South African, just moved to Livingston this past week. I am looking to find some SA friends, or just like minded and honest people. If you have any tips for me in finding groups or friends or wanna catch-up over some coffee it would be much appreciated.

I have a 3 and half year old and my husband works down south.

Any tips or info on the surrounds, life in Scotland etc... would be much appreciated.

Kindest Regards

Hi Monique,

Lovely To hear from u!!!
I do know a few SA's in Kirkcaldy and one that is moving to Dundee soon that also found me on Expat.com so hoping to meet her too when she gets here.

I will send a nice long message tomorrow but this is my number so please give me a ring and we can chat :) 07780316633

I also have a son and he is 4 so would be nice for him to also have more friends!
My other SA friend has 2 kids, one is 4 and the other 6...

Chat tomorrow :) Yay anther southafrican!! we need to build a nice big group of friends :)


Hi my name is Peter I just moved here as well but i'am in Rutherglen that a suburb of Glasgow if you miss speaking african on my rugby club there is 1 player from Johannsburg, gauteng he is a bit old but a very good guy , How's life in Bothwell an why Scotland ,, Take care

Hi Charmaign.

Are you still in Glasgow???
Im a single mom with a 4 year old boy staying in Kirkcaldy...
Inbox me if you are still around??? I know south africans often move back to SA.... I have done it once before myself but I'm back again LOL


Haai Charmaine

Laat maar van jou hoor as jy nog in Glasgow is en nog na Afrikaanse geselskap soek.


Hi Danie,

Can you please post in English on the English Forum :)

Thank you


Dis lekker om te weet dat ons nou twee kontakte in Glasgow het.  Op 'n manier maak daardie wete die onbekende minder skrikwekkend.  Sodra die dose uitgepak is en alles 'n nuwe staanplek het sal ons plan maak om saam koffie te drink en oor vanmelewe se tye te gesels en mekaar beter te leer ken.  En vanselfsprekend skryf ek hierdie boodskappie in my moedertaal spesiaal net om die vorige komentator so 'n bietjie verkeerd op te vrywe.
Tot volgende keer.

Hi Danie Els,

Maximilien :

Hi Danie,

Can you please post in English on the English Forum :)

Thank you



Hi Chairmanne,

Just new to glasgow and this forum? Well, 8 weeks to Glasgow but still feel new. How you getting on with the forum and was it much use?


Hi All,

I have lived in Glasgow for 9 years. Will be lekker to meet other like minded South Africans. Im from KZN. Anyone still trying to meet folk at all?


hi i moved over here in 2006 from vereeniging

Why you lonely , whats missing great weather if you like the cold wind an rain ,

Hi guys anyone fancy meeting up. Movrd here a few yrs ago. I have a little boy,  16 months looking to meet like minded people.

Hi there, I live in Edinburgh but travel between Glasgow and Edinburgh sometimes �� i have a son on 7 but he loves to look after "little ones". How have you found Scotland? Ive been here since 2002 but have terrible pangs of homesickness STILL!!  Hope to hear from you soon, Alexandra

Hi lexi. I moved in 2000 still homesick and still never really feel like I belong lol. I do love Scotland and destined to be here forever I think lol hubby is a scotsman and think he's well rooted here. Lol. Add me on fb im robyn samantha mclean. Pic of me and my wee boy in prof. Pic :-)

Hi Charmaine

Are u still in Bothwell as I live in Bothwell and lived in Dueban for 32 years and  have just come back here to retire


When are the south africans going to meet up ?


Hi Danie
Ek is in Lanark. My dogter en kleinkinders woon hier. Help met die kinders voor- en naskools. Enige Suid Afrikaanse byeenkomste in die omgewing?

francoproc :

Hi Danie
Ek is in Lanark. My dogter en kleinkinders woon hier. Help met die kinders voor- en naskools. Enige Suid Afrikaanse byeenkomste in die omgewing?


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