Flying Lessons in Cairo

Hi, I've recently moved to Cairo from the UK and will be here for about 6 years, work permitting. I'm a fully qualified flying instructor, which I worked as part time at weekends before coming to Egypt. I am now looking into the possibilities of a similar weekend instructor position at an airport in 6th October. Is there any expats out there that would be interested in gaining their pilots licence whilst in Cairo? If I have a number of interested possible students when I speak to the school, it might assist me in them taking me on. If you want to know what is involved please do not hesitate to message me. Thanks Steve.

Wow that sounds so interesting! As far as i know, flying lessons are crazy expensive but that's in Holland...
can you tell something about the costs of a lesson and how many lessons you need to get a license?
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Hi Jantine,

I've yet to find out local cost in Cairo, but in the UK it's around £6500 for a PPL (Private Pilots Licence). This is based on a minimum of 45 hours of actual flying instruction and 100 hours of ground studies. The actual number of flying hours required will greatly depend on the skill of the individual, so cost could be higher. In the UK average prices are £145 / hr. There are a couple of actual flight test that have to be completed and 9 technical exams. But it's not too difficult to pick up. I always say that anyone with the hand / eye coordination to drive a car and fly a plane.

Thanks for getting in touch.


So where can i apply?

As a 10 year lapsed holder of PPL(M) on weight shift microlights I would be very interested in a few lessons rather than going for a full qualification.

Have you made inquiries as to how you could do training. I have never heard of any private flying in Egypt, let alone at a base that up to now has been military. For others who may be looking for the license would you be CAA accredited so any license would be valid in Europe

Good luck to you but I fear that the mountain of security problems may make operations very difficult.

I have found a school in 6th October but an initial call resulted in they were not training at the moment as they had no students. I was wondering if I could find out how much interest there would be in the expat community, there's possibly more disposable income there,  it might spark some interest at the school. As for security issues, I haven't explored this point yet but I expect the same as you. Still nothing ventured. I'm going to be here for 6 years so I'm keen to push this as far as I can. As for EASA compliant, I believe the school is but still need to confirm. The feedback to my request is growing so my next step is to arrange a meet with the school to investigate the legalities. It might take me a while but I'll update this post with info as I get it. Wish me luck.

Thanks for getting in touch. I'm presently collecting a list of interested potential students that I can take to the school to see if they will take me on. It might take a while due to typical security issues, but bare with me. I'll keep everyone posted with updates on this post.

please , i am interested about more  details

Please, keep us updated :)

Hi there,

Just wanted to drop another name in the bowl, I would be very interested. Was looking into getting a license about a year ago in upstate NY and it went for around $11,000, hopefully things can be more cost economical here!

i didnt check the costs for sometime .... but i remember that in the states , there are schools that can offer you PPL for around 8000 $ ..

anyway 11000 $ will not work in Egypt now :D  while 1 $ = 19 EGP  :D :D :D

Update, not much progress yet but now have contact details for the head of AOPA Egypt. Will try and find out if there are any security or other pitfalls after the Eid holidays.

Hi Penelope, can't help with helicopters I'm afraid, I only deal with single engine piston fixed wing. But If I hear of any other opportunities in this area, I'll certainly put a post up. Steve

Hello Mr. Stephen

Can you send me all the details on my email.  *** i may help you.


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don,t we have the "single engine piston fixed wing" here in Egypt ?

Hi Everyone, well I got to speak with the flight school in 6th October and there is a possibility of me getting work as an instructor teaching the PPL (Private Pilots Licence). The only problem is they do not operate at weekends. I can only teach at weekends due to my full time day job. I haven't given up complete hope just yet as I mentioned to them that there was quite a bit of interest from potential students within the expat community, which also would most likely only be able to undertake training during the weekends. So there is a potential untapped market for them. I'll wait and see what comes back from them. Thanks to all of you for getting in touch and expressing your interest. You never know it might convince them to extend their operations, even if just on Saturdays.

thank you for the efforts
but what is the name of the school there in 6 october ???

as far as i know there are 2 schools ..... 1 of them only do motor gliders , and they dont do PPL training

the other is the aviation academy .... and they accept students for ATPL trainng

The school I contacted was the aviation academy. Their main focus is to the ATPL but they also provide PPL as all new students have to obtain their PPL as the first step towards the full commercial licence.

ok :) that is new for me that they can give PPl alone :)

Well that is my understanding. If you look at their website there is a link to select the PPL course.

Very interesting, I have some contacts with few schools here. I can try to get a hold of them.

Stephen, will you be certifying the hours under CAA?

I would like to think so, but I suspect it will depend on how the school is registered. Under local Egyptian rules and regulations or to EASA standards. In the US for example you can qualify as a PPL to FAA standards or EASA standards.

Count me in!

Hi Stephen,

Did you try to contact Watanya Air ?
Will visit that Flying school soon.
I could be interested in your idea but me I would like to start a PPLH license (helicopter) wich is my dream !
I just arrived in Cairo 2 weeks ago.

Hi, I am the director of IVAO ( International Virtual Aviation Organization ) in Egypt. We have nearly 400 members and I am sure some would like to experience a real flight......Please inbox me your rates per hours and dates... Thanks.

Hi it's very interesting to take the ppl i've thinking to do it but i couldnt achieve it due to some obstacles but how much you gonna pay for ppl if you want to start the process of enrollment.

My Regards

As yet I still have not found a training organisation that will take me on as an expat instructor. However I have one last avenue to try. If I am successful, I will be in touch and will then be able to advise you on costs for a PPL.

I am very interested im learning to fly in Cairo Egypt opportunity please let me know.

Hi Riz,
Will do but I've just about given up all hope or finding an organisation to work with. However, if something does work out, I'll post the details for all to see.

Stephen-Jones :

Hi Riz,
Will do but I've just about given up all hope or finding an organisation to work with. However, if something does work out, I'll post the details for all to see.

Hi Stephen,

How are things coming along? Have you found a flight school to register yourself as an instructor?

What are (or would be) the price for a PPL in Egypt?


Hi, I'm afraid this is proving to be a non starter. The only schools I've found are centred around providing training to CPL and ATPL level. There appears to be extremely limited GA activity in Egypt. The only private flying I found out about is with expats that have brought their own aircraft to Egypt, so this is what I'm thinking of doing.



Stephen-Jones :

Hi, I'm afraid this is proving to be a non starter. The only schools I've found are centred around providing training to CPL and ATPL level. There appears to be extremely limited GA activity in Egypt. The only private flying I found out about is with expats that have brought their own aircraft to Egypt, so this is what I'm thinking of doing.



Sad to hear that.
Please keep us updated on this thread.

Wouldn't opening your own school be an option? As you see there's quite some demand on this thread alone.


NIce idea but I have a full time day job as well and the which pays the bills. The setup and running costs for an EASA approved school would be way outside my financial ability.

Hi Stephen

I am French and in Egypt for a 3 year assignment as diplomat. I have always dreamed to take private pilot lessons. Have you eventually had the chance to find a school / center. And what are eventually the possibilities for learning/ training in Cairo?

Best Regards

After extensive searching and even after looking into flying my own aircraft out to Egypt, I'm afraid I've hit a stone wall and discovered that it is just too difficult to undertake training, or any form of private flying here in Egypt. There are just too many restrictions and obstacles to make the flying experience enjoyable.  This has been very disappointing to the extent that I'm not using my own aircraft enough back in the UK, so have recently sold it.

Still, two years now completed of a six year assignment here in Egypt, after which I plan to return to the UK and retire from my present industry. I can then concentrate on just flight instruction. Looking forward to my new less stressful and enjoyable career.

Good luck in your search for a flight training organisation, never give up the rewards are fantastic. If it's a possibility for you, there are some good schools in Cyprus, it's only an hour from Cairo and training there would lead to an EASA licence which is recognised throughout Europe. I attended an instructor seminar in Cyprus myself last year and even thinking of completing an additional rating on multi-engine, although not sure how this is going to pan out for the UK following Brexit.



Hi Stephen

Not sure if this post is sill active. But I would be interested in talking up flying. If you are still around drop me a line. 

My name is Thorsten, and German, and live in Sheikh Zayed, Cairo.

Hi, I'm afraid I have given up on trying to continue my flying, whilst in Egypt. Firstly I've found it just about impossible, for bureaucratic reasons, as well as the fact that I am now far too busy with my day job to have any spare time at weekends. The limitations placed on private flying in Egypt is so restrictive that I have even abandoned my plans to fly my own aircraft out from the UK to use whilst on assignment here. I wish you well in your future flying dreams, but realistically, I'd wait until you are in another country that is open to the potential of private flying and the benefits it can bring.

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