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Hi! We are moving end of July and I know I need to get my dog a Health Certificate within 30 days of travel. Am not sure which form?. I found several...and then I was reading on the DR embassy site that we need to get it certified by the state USDA and then apostilled by the state.. not sure all even if all that can even  get done within 30 Days of travel :-/ From this forum, it doesn't seem that complicated. Does anyone know? We will be flying into Punta Cana. Thanks!

I am also trying to move with a dog and I am as confused as you. I have been told I cannot fly my dog if any stop is 90 degrees. May I ask how you are ttaking your dog? Thank you

Ok guys we have brought our dog back and forth many times.  He flew from the US to here this past April.  Yes some of the certificates say 30 days but the one specific for the DR says 10 days (just looked at the form from April) , your vet needs to fill it our.  YOU DO NOT have to send it to the USDA or embassy or anything else.  Just have the certificate, a recent rabies (within a year...they do not recognize the 3 year one) and $10 fee when you land.

Like I said we bring our dog back and forth 2 times a year and never a problem.   Now he travels in the cabin with us (small dog and fits under the seat). If your dog is going to be in a kennel and packed below then the air lines have restrictions on the temperature  at both the starting and ending airport. So do check with them.

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Great info Bob.

Thank you so much for the info. My dog had her rabies (3yr 😏) in October 2016. We are flying in July. Do you think this will be ok since still within a year since the shot? Or do I need to revaccinate her 1 yr now jic?

That should be fine.  Is he traveling in the cabin with your or under with the bags.  If in the cabin you need to make a reservation for him and do it soon as they only allow one or two dogs per flight.

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Good to know. Unfortunately she has to go underneath :-/. She is 47 lbs. thanks again for sharing your experience 😀

can you get her registered as a service dog....then she can fly with you
I'm going to do this with my shepherds when I come

she will be fine with the 3 year.  you'll need to get a health certificate from your vet within 10 days of flying

I was just thinking about this! I my have to do that.

Oh good!
It has certainly helped us with travel back and forth.  It is so much easier and so much less stressful for the animals.   And us......we don't have to worry abut what is happening to them down in cargo!

leggoeggo sorry the 3 year is not good here.
Second getting a bogus service dog designation is not only illegal but also makes harder for those that really need a service dog.  The airlines and such will soon figure out a way to control and stop this total illegal activity.  Soon folks will want to bring their service pony and monkey on board.  Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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I'm not sure why the hostility is needed.  Save it for someone else.

Wasn't hostility just a bit of a sore point.

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I understand.  I'm sorry to have hit a sore spot, I understand the feeling.  Didn't mean it as a method of working the system or taking advantage, just meant as means to a solution.  I understand your point

Bob -Help! Does the US check the certification before u go??? Bc the vet is telling me I need to go to USDA in Miami or they won't let her leave. I have alreadya verified with contacts in DR and they just sd form plus fee but now i am worried about leaving US... we move Sunday 😳

Do not worry about the USDA check.  Just take your health certificate to the ticket counter and show it in the DR along with $10 or 400 pesos and you are done.  We do this all the time.  The last time was in March.

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Ok you don't think it'll make ang difference we are flying into Punta Cana?

No difference at all.

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Thank you so much👍

Have a safe flight

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Are there designated pet relief areas at Puerto Plata airport?

Nope you need to take fido outside.

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Thanks Bob.

no problem

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Hi, I can’t seem to find any info on taking our dog - 45 lb “mini” Australian Shepherd - from Portugal to Punta Cana, moving in December. Thx!!

Find the website for the equivalent of the USDA in your country and see if there is insite there. Or Google health certificates for canine travel from Portugal to RD. You might also check your airline website.

If anything like the US, it is not a quick process. We started a solid month before our travel date. You will also need a Dominican health certificate when you leave.

Thanks! One more thing - of all the airlines that will fly dogs in cargo (our dog is 45 lb mini Aussie) - including US airlines - I cannot find one airline that doesn’t have that weather rule, won’t fit dogs anywhere 85 degrees F or above. That’s great for safety but I looked at the averages and there’s not one day of the year that doesn’t show at least an average of 83. I know there are cooler days, I lived in DR prior to getting our dog, but being that the average is extremely close to 85 we don’t know what to do! Don’t want to risk flying on a day that isn’t unusually cool and then our dog looses his flight and so do we. For the record we are looking to move to DR in December. Please help!! Any airline without that restriction? Or what has anyone who’s taken their dog in cargo do? Thanks!!

We are also having a problem locating a flight that we can take our dogs in cargo from NYC   We have 3 dogs that we're moving with, so 2 will have to go in Cargo  From what I can see right now, we'll have to drive to Miami and fly from there.  This is horrible.   How expensive it is to fly your dogs down via some other airline just for dogs?

Hi, what month are you traveling in? Depending on the month it might be possible for you to fly in the evening or early morning? In those hours the temperature generally drops a little and very likely it’ll be under 85 degrees. I’d recommend flying if possible in a month where the weather averages tend to be more favorable for flying with a dog. We looked at weather websites to see what averages are like in DR and in cities like Miami or nyc (A nonstop flight is best for a dog) in the evening and early morning hours and looking at flights based on that. That kind of helped us the most. Of course, keeping in mind that the day of the flight could be unusually warm and may not be able to fly that day. However, seems like the best we can do is go with that plan and be as flexible as possible.

Hi, has anyone brought their dog in through the Puerto Plata airport? Last time we came in through Santo Domingo - no problem. I see Punta Cana is also OK, but can't find any info on POP. We've been through the process and know all about the paperwork, just need to know if it's OK to fly into POP with our small dog.


We fly back and forth with our small dog in the cabin all the time in and out of POP with no problem.  Last time we flew in was month ago.  Do have  your 400 pesos  (or $10us) ready when  you land as well as when  you leave.


Thanks Bob!

You are welcome.  Safe travels.

We can't afford to bring ourselves in via POP, let alone our dog!! 😂😂😂 Hopefully, one day, government officials will allow equitable entry from there. Until then, we drive from Santiago.

You seem quite knowledgeable so I thought I'd ask... Does your info regarding paperwork, and fees apply if it's an emotional support dog? I've traveled within the US with Tater, but this would be our first international flight.

Just sent you a PM.  Also to let you know the last time we flew with our dog was about 7 weeks ago and we are flying back to the US with him in about 3 weeks. We fly with him 2-3 times a year.

Bob K

I believe the paperwork and fees are the same.

Wanderer be aware that the concept of emotional support dog isnt recognized here. So what you may take for granted regarding your dog being with you isn't likely to happen here.  Just an FYI.

Planner, please clarify: 'what you may take for granted regarding your dog being with you isn't likely to happen here.'

Basically what she’s saying, in a nice way, is that “emotional support animals “  are generally branded with the “BS” label in the DR.

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