Bringing exotic animals to DR?


There is plenty information about bringing your dog or cat to Dominican Republic, but I was wondering if they would allow you to bring your ferret or an opossum? Do I need some special permit? Somebody knows where I could find this info? Thank you!

Wow I have never seen that question here so I am not sure.  You should check with the government web site on importing animals.  You might also want to contact Monkey Jungle (here in Sosua and in Punta Cana as well) and see if they can give you some information as they have imported their monkeys.

Bob K

S9me types of animals are NOT  permitted. Check with a lawyer and then with the airlines!

Contacting Monkey Jungle is a great idea, thank you Bob!
I work for animal rescue and I want to start a little volunteer project to go to the schools and teach kids about animals,  I think they would love to see an Opossum and be able to learn about them, kids usually are fascinated with animals, and if we teach them compassion from the start...great things happen. Will see what can be done about it and I will try to find the "forbidden" animals list, thank you Planner!

YOu are welcome  and good luck
Bob K

I would start with animals they know!   So many kids are afraid of dogs and cats here,  teach them how to treat what is already here honey!

I lived for20 years n St, Croix USVI. I had a yellow Nape Amazon parrot named Chile. She lived in my restaurant, knew the regulars by name,did tricks. She was an amazing bird. When I wanted to move to the DR & bring her along, OH,OH, nada. A vets documentation tha she was not born in the wild, free of parasites & diseases etc. Then a 60 day quarantine without any contact with other animals or me. I had to be tested for parrot fever etc. Her value would be taxed to the tune of $3,000 USD. Needless to say it was more than I could bear.  I found her an excellent home with a French Birder.  Chile was famous in the Virgin Islands.  From being bird napped to testifing in court, (True story).  I cried when she went to her new home.   It has been 15 years & I still miss her.  I hope that you have better luck than I did. The Monkey Jungle is more than what its' name implies. Wonderful people doing wonderful things for the poor. Visit them, you will be amazed. They use the income to provide medical care for the local poor.   I'm now raising & training a young dog abandoned  after Maria passed by.  Good luck, I know how you feel.

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