Housing and Bad press

Ok as Marketing Manager.  I am getting fed of some of the negative social media my company has received.  I am British and have sense of fair play and now trying to rectify some of the issues that some of you have experienced.

Back in the UK I paid a deposit for my flat just like here funny with our sense of decency my deposit was not returned to me as it was deemed that the flat was left in a terrible condition and funny enough my deposit was just the same amount to cover said cost to make it good.of course I was not in the UK to fight this so my point is here in Kuwait similar things gave occurred so now is the free advice.

Before you take the key take photographic evidence of the accommodation prior to living in. If there us a crack in the wall document it. If there is a hook or  stain again document it. Please read your contract as it clearly says return the accomadation in the same condition as taken. Well it may sound petty but for your sakes replace said faults to original condition. This should reduce any penalty charges endured. Should you need any more info PM ME

I dont see how your position or nationality have anything to do with the advice you are giving, which are thankful for regardless?

it is an unwritten law of the land that some companies "acquire" the security deposit as a "finders fee" for letting you lease the apartment, you follow? its like a "legal bribe", that is why some buildings advertise "rent directly from owner" to minimize this; which shouldn't be the case since you have an actual receipt in hand for the amount paid.

i can tell you horror stories of renters, just notch it under lessons learnt, refuse to forgive them for the amount they stole and pray they get their just comeuppance.

Sorry it has taken time for me to reply.there has and still are unscrupulous  landlords and estate agents in all countries.  I welcome your comments but would like to assure you and the wider population at my company all steps are taken to make sure that the tenant is treated fairly and refer back to the point I was making that please take time to read your contracts and also photograph everything as evidence when vacating.

I get deeply annoyed when people try to take advantage of somebody for not knowing the pitfalls that can happen

I would like to assure everyone that when you visit Q8Realtor  for your Accommodation  requirements that you will be treated with the utmost  care throughout your time here in Kuwait.  The advert police get annoyed with me for advertising so again my name is Brett just look me up and I will happily assist

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