Thought about Russia

To make a long long story short, I first wanted to go to Russia and study there at university (to become a vet). Then I meet my Russian boyfriend, some problems appeared. He don't want to go to Russia because he thinks it's very dangerous for me, they'll rape and murder me and always treat me very bad because I'm a foreigner. Also the situation in Russia is very unstable now and it will probably be a revolution soon according to him. The price for everything have gone up so much that it's now as the same level or higher than in Sweden. How true is this?

I still want to go to Russia but he have made me unsure about the current situation there and how foreigners are threaten. I can also say that I don't really want to go to Moscow or St Petersburg.

Hi agalf!

Well, what area in Russia is it that you were thinking of moving to? So that members can better inform you of the situation in that area.

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The European parts, I've been looking at Kursk.

Hi, agalf!
My name is Katya, I'm from Russia, Novosibirsk. No rapes & murders today yet))
Why Russia? How old are you?
You know, here living standard is lower than in Europe, it is true. Uncontrolled inflation, high price, bad social policy etc.
I'm agree that many people disapprove of actions of government, but I don't think that revolution is comming. Everything is not so bad)))
In Russia some people treat Central Asian and Caucasian immigrants badly, it is a real problem like in US with Mexicans.But I didn't heard anyone treat Swedes badly, Poltava became a thing of the past if you know what I mean)))
I think I made you panic with my comments))
Maybe you sould came here and stay for a while?
Largiest western cities: Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar ect. Or maybe you sould think about Kaliningrad, the Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea. It is very european Russia.
So, good luck!

Hi Agalf,

I'm a Filipina, and I live here in Russia for more than one year now. There is no rapes, killings and violence here (at least at the City where I live). These stuff may happen in the other cities but I don't think these happen only in Russia, they are everywhere. But not as worse as your bf thought, I believe.
I have get acquainted with some foreigners who is living & studying  here for years and I haven't heard any of them complain about rapes & killings. You should come and find out yourself. Russia is a beautiful country with interesting culture. Good Luck! I am also studying Russian language at the University and met many friends from other countries.