Safety in Russia


We would like to talk about a sensitive but important topic: do you feel safe in Russia?

How would you define the level of safety in the country?

Can you walk safely during the day and at night without any fear?

Do you think there is a high rate of criminality, social problems or tensions?

Share with us your insight on safety in Russia and in the city you live in.

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Hi, Christine,  I live and work mainly in Novosibirsk but visit Moscow regularly.  I can say without hesitation that I feel safer in Russia than in the UK and especially in any British city.  One can walk around the city at any time alone, which is more than you can say about some popular parts of London.  Of course, there are areas that one would not wish to visit.

In Moscow, if you ave the correct papers there is no need to fear if you are going about your lawful business.  If anyone has specific questions, I would be glad to answer them as far as I am able.

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This is a very interesting subject, I've lived in Kazan, Russia now for over 3 years.  If I was to compare it to where I lived in the States I believe I could say it's much safer.  I've also  done some travelling through Western Russia and can tell your readers that crime is very low throughout the larger cities like Moscow,  St. Peterburg,  and mnay others. Overall I'd say if a visitor uses commonsense travelling in Russia can be a very good experience.

We would like to talk about a sensitive but important topic: do you feel safe in Russia?

Yes. When I lived in Moscow, I felt very safe.

How would you define the level of safety in the country?

I can only speak for Moscow, but I would define it as a safe city. Of course, this also depends on what activities you choose to engage in and what lifestyle you lead. If you're wandering around the city at 2am drunk and disorderly, I would be concerned for you. Additionally, when in the metro, keep valuables in a satchel in front of you. Bookbags are good for...books. I have arrived home on a few occasions with my zippers opened, but because of my packing style, they had only copybooks and textbooks to choose from. Laptop or valuable devices should be all the way in the back, blocked by books, and secured with the safety strap, zipper, or chain. Men should consider adopting the "European" attitude toward bags or satchels, and avoid carrying their wallets in their back pockets. Inner coat pockets work, as well.

Can you walk safely during the day and at night without any fear?

I often had to walk distances, whether to the bus or the metro, and never felt concerned, even at night. However, this doesn't mean one shouldn't exercise common sense and safety practices. Flashing valuables, money, or choosing a dark alley versus a lighted walkway are never good ideas.

Do you think there is a high rate of criminality, social problems or tensions?

No. However, depending on your nationality, you may encounter some who are not a fan of you. Avoiding political discussion is a way to avoid this.

Hello Christine ,

I lived in Saint Petersburg for over 10years. Over this period of time I've seen how this city evolved and it certainly was for the better. On the topic of safety, I must admit it's more safer than some parts of uk and the US combined, however I'm not sure about the rest of the cities. The only risk you'd probably run to is if you hang out at dodgy bars and hitting the can hard . Well apart from that spb is a lovely tourist friendly city, with some great places to hang out where you'd meet more fun loving and awesome people  and I can vouch for it.


No I don't feel safe:( I was robbed, and I have lived on the Southside of Chicago, on the lower East Side of NYC, and outside of Paris (where I commuted daily).  I was never a victim of the kind of crime I experienced here, I'm too sad to go into the details at this time...but there are very organized teams with very specific methodologies, very cynical and calculating, not your 'random' broke thieves.

I'm from countryside of Japan where there were virtually no crimes at all.
Here in Moscow, some of my colleagues have been robbed on streets, but mostly in the mid-night after heavy drinking. 
Some other colleagues had their car window smashed while they parked on streets.
I would say these can happen in any major cities, and personally I am fortunate enough(and maybe alert enough) for not experiencing any mishaps so far.

I've never been to Japan and even less about the culture.  Being sober and alert is a major factor in staying safe in any city.  Nevertheless I've heard Moscow can be dangerous.

Всех беспокоит безопасность проживания в России?-это самое теплое место, у нас народ очень гостеприимный и талерантный!

I so agree, much more than in the States. Don't think I'll ever go back. Had a thought a few days ago, Russians are a bit hard-headed, but truly soft hearted. On the other hand Americans are truly hard-hearted and a bit soft headed.

Very good reply!   Russian people are very hospitable and friendly but have good heads!

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Don't worry, if you don't understand Russian just copy/paste and put it into google translate, it's easy. Otherwise thanks for joining.


I think people should be free to post in Russian if they wish.  After all, we are living in Russia and we should not be so rude as to insist people talk in a foreign language!

I absolutely agree, wish I knew Russian better. I'd be writing a speaking it instead of English.

It is better to stay inside or avoid certain areas of  Moscow on some days of the year when ultra nationalists are exceptionally active.

День народного единства- Unity Day falls on the 4th of November, many violent attacks on foreign looking people have usually occured over the years on this day, as ultra nationalists rally in some district of the city, to express their dislike of the immigration situation in Russia.

Hitler's Birthday-20 th of April, some nazis get activated, but no crowds or anything big, just avoid public transportation.

Paratroopers Day-2nd of August, I would avoid parks with fountains, as paratroopers tend to gather, get drunk, jump in the fountains and might try to pick fights with random passerby.

Avoid walking through parks at night, as drunks, homeless people, drug dealers or consumers, stray dogs or any sort of shady people could be hanging out there.

Beside what I've mentioned above I think Moscow is like any other big city, I personally feel safe even though I look mediterranean. People mind their own business mostly, and if you speak Russian things become better. Take care

I've been to Moscow several time now and have visited a number of parks, my wife says that they have changed immensely from what they used to be. I suspect that you are correct in not walking alone especially you are a foreigner and don't know the language. Otherwise I felt quite safe.

Here in Kazan we were out and about during Paratroopers day, it was fun. The best part is that we didn't see any fighting or misbehavior. But then that could have been because they are currently having the swimming championships here.