Changing British Driving Licence in Romania

Hy All ,
I'm a Pakistani citizen living in Romania almost one year and hold a Romanian residence card .

I need some information regarding my British full driving licence exchanging  into Romanian , if anyone can help me what documents require to do and how long it will take time to exchange .and also I'm staying in bragadiru Ilfov so anyone can help me where is office located   ? Any help will be appreciated ,thanks

Please review this link: … r_romanesc


Office for Ilfov is the same as Bucharest I think, that being the one in Pipera.

You can carry on using your UK licence until it expires. Changing it to a Romanian one doesn't require much; a doctor's note, a form, some fees (which might have been scrapped recently), and an official translation of your licence and passport or whatever. It takes a little while because they have to wait to hear back from DVLA in the UK which can take a few weeks. I posted in more detail back in 2014 when I did mine; use the search function.

Correct, taxes have been scrapped.

Thank you for reply guys :)

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