Promo Discount Train Ticket?

When I lived in Netherlands, in a year there was usually 2-3 periods where several supermarket/stores chain offer very cheap train ticket to be used for travelling on weekend to all over the country. Usually around 12,5 Euros per person.

Does any of you know whether in Germany there is a kind of promo like this?
I know there are several discount programs from DB, but just in case there is even better offer :)


There are several options to purchase discount tickets within Germany.  Aldi & Lidl both offer these about 3 times a year - you will find out about them if you subscribe to their newsletters.  Saturn (electronics) also offer them a couple of times a year.  DB has regular specials such as 'pay 49euro & companion pays 6euro" for travel on the ICE.

Hope this helps.  Cheers!