Looking for Quality and Very Safe Housing

My name is Roy Guilbault, and I'm a young 70 year old male. Retired Chairman and CEO of Fortune 100 Company, and also well educated CPA and International Tax Attorney, retired.
I'm looking for a very nice and safe Flat of two Bedrooms and two Bathrooms. I prefer casual elegance and a pool, and if possible, fitness Room or Equipment. The areas of interest for my housing needs is in either, Abidjan or Grand Bassam. If the housing is in Grand Bassam, I would prefer waterfront or water view.
Kindly advise relative to what is available, and the Price for Renting in either CAF or US Dollars, if financial Pricing is only available in Euro's, I'll calculate the Conversion Rate.
I reside in Sarasota, Florida, USA. Should you need additional information, please advise by email.
Sincerely yours,
Roy Guilbault

Hello Roy,

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Feel free to drop your ad under the Housing in Ivory Coast section.

Good luck


HI Roy

Welcome on Expat.com and Ivory Coast Forum.

Due to frequent fraud, it's much better to be on location to seek a flat (or check a suggested flat on the net. And a fist stay for several weeks allows to have an idea of the country and find the best p lace for you to leave.

It's often advised to stay the first weeks in furnished appartement or an hotel. If you can read french, many posts are dedicated to the housing.

About Grand Bassam, it's almost impossible to find a villa waterfront. It's mainly occupied by hotel resort or small restaurant (called "maquis").... Another point waterfront it's the effect of the salt of the seawater spoiling the equipment very quickly.

I wish you success in your project.

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