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hi guys,so good to see there's a place one can go to for info when movn to a new country. need any info i can get on good accomodation preferably in a gated service estate.

Am a Kenyan planning to travel in ivory coast this week,i need accommodation for around 6 months,quote for me the prices and the various type of accommodation i can get.

Many thanks

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Hi Oswea!

I would suggest you to post an advert in the Ivory Coast housing section.
It might help!


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hello good evening please I need one room and parlour self contain in ivory coast

Evening sir wich town do you want ? I need the town in Abidjan ?
Hello everyone,

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Since you are looking to rent a flat, I invite you to post an advert in the Housing in Ivory Coast as this thread has been inactive since 2013.

Best of luck,

Expat.com team

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