Traveling to Corozal

Hi, I'm traveling to Corozal from New York and want to know the best way to get there... if my flight arrives at Belize City, then do I take a Maya Airlines flight to Corozal ?  Or is there a better way to get there ?  I don't think any of the major airlines go to any other airport in Belize than Belize City, but I am not sure.  Can someone please help me with this information?  Many thanks!

A confused traveler

Hi Marisa!  Yes, Belize City is the only Int'l airport in Belize.  From there, you can fly Tropic Air to Corozal, or you can rent a car and drive - it's actually not that far.  If you really want to travel like a local, you can take a bus too, but that can take a while.  Hope that helps.

Thank you!