Need guidance with completing of MM2H process

Hello All,

We just got my MM2H conditional letter couple weeks ago and are planning to visit KL in may to complete the procedure.

Ther are some great posts in this forum and I want to thank everyone who have spent their valuable time educating others about the process. I just had a few queries about the process.

1. For security bond: the conditional letter was issued in my name, my wife's and son's name. So when filling up the bond, I will be the applicant . So can my wife be the witness or it has to be someone else. Also I am confused, if I need to make any cash payment at MoTAC in favor of the bond or not.

2. Medical checkup: My wife and son are clean without any issues. But I have borderline hypertension, with the numbers swinging between normal and mildly high. I am not even on any medication. Can that be an issue at the checkup? Any one has had any issue with that?

3. I live in michigan in USA, and we dont have any HSBC branches here. I am planning to call them on monday and find out about opening an account on the phone. Not sure if that is possible or not. If am able to open an account, then do I deposit RM300,000 equivalent in dollars(I am below 50 years) in america and then when i go to KL, tell them to change my account to a premier account and transfer the funds to purchase the Fixed Deposit. Am I right? Also how long would it take for them to open an account in KL, and transfer the funds?

4. People suggested to buy a local sim when at the airport. Any suggestions on which company sim to buy? Any special plans?

5. We are planning to come to malaysia for couple of weeks in may for the whole process. Is 2 weeks enough for this?

Thanks in advance for all your suggestions

how did you get the MM2H by your self or with agent?

Hi. I did it myself. It is an easy process as long as you follow it to the letter

hi, thank you for your reply. which letter is that? any link?
thank you

I meant you have to follow their instruction to the word exactly. Do exactly as the instructions say and you will be fine.

To the letter is phrase used to say exactly. The forms and website have instructions, just follow them as they are written. Don't forget to include all the paperwork, anything missing could cause the file to get misplaced or even set aside and not processed. For example if the paperwork says that two passport size photos are required, make sure you have included two NOT just one.

We didn't do the MM2H, but the spousal visa is actually a more complex process and we were able to do it without a lawyer. Just be careful and follow the directions, and if they ask for something more just give it to them. It's not unusual for some clerk or manager to request additional documentation.

If you don't have HSBC account then why not open a Citibank account instead? Citibank is established in KL.

For HSBC, yes you can deposit RM300k equivalent in foreign currency such as USD and then just having equivalent of more than RM200k in any currency qualifies you to become a Premier customer. Even if your balance is below the threshold for Premier, you can still be a Premier customer but HSBC will charge you a monthly penalty when your balance falls below 200k equivalent. Even when your money is placed into Fixed Deposit, it still qualifies you as Premier customer. HSBC is more widespread around KL and Malaysia than Citibank.

Hotlink (Maxis) and Celcom stores at the airport. I always used Maxis when I lived in Malaysia and used a prepaid sim initially and later switched to a post paid account. Sim's are very cheap and easy to use. Since ending my MM2H I have tried using prepaid Celcom and Maxis accounts, and feel the Maxis is better, that is just my personal opinion. You can get a sim card anywhere in the city, no need to rush to do it at the airport.

Thanks abdulkhalil for the message.  As I did not have either HSBC or Citibank account in America, I finally opened an HSBC account in America. I open an advanced account America which only needs a minimum balance of 10,000 USD. When I go to Malaysia I will open a premier account with HSBC Malaysia and then do fixed deposit in that account so I can maintain my premier status  there and globally.

thanks for your suggestion for Sim card. People have suggested Maxis and  Digi. Do you see any difference between the two? One better than the other?

mind if I ask you why you decided to leave MM2H and move to Indonesia?


I don't know much about Digi or any of the others, I always used Maxis ever since I moved to KL and found it good.

I decided to leave Malaysia because I began to feel that it was boring and becoming expensive. The government is very controlling including on the banking sector and with the introduction or GST which is said to be in line for an increase to 8%, and property market stagnating, I couldn't see any reason for staying,  Also, I never felt that KL has much in the way of traditional culture, maybe Penang would be a better choice for that, but I just began to feel that Malaysia was only good for shopping and eating out.

Indonesia is more underdeveloped than Malaysia. The infrastructure and pretty much everything else is less developed than in Malaysia but in a bog growing stage, and I feel Indonesia has more potential than Malaysia in the long run. I think import tax here is around 40% but overall the cost of food, eating out, transport etc is much better than Malaysia. And I feel the Indonesian people are more humble than Malaysians, not so racist or arrogant, and not just about showing off with money but more about getting on with their lives no matter how hard their life may be. The natural beauty and interesting places to visit in Indonesia far outnumber those in Malaysia.

I could have maintained my MM2H while living in Indonesia, but I just cannot see myself moving back to Malaysia as there are so many more interesting places to live in Asia than Malaysia. This is of course just my own opinion.

I was thinking to move to Malaysia but after your comment I will think twice.

indogazoz :

I was thinking to move to Malaysia but after your comment I will think twice.

I think Malaysia is alright for many, because it is still much better to live there than many western countries. But it is a lot more expensive to live there than in Indonesia. I think I just lived there too long and got bored.

But look a the number of people choosing to retire or simply live in places like Bali. Bali is not the ideal place for me, but still it is really nice and there are other nice places too like Yogyakarta. One of the biggest differences is the cost of visas to live in Indonesia, it always sounds high because the Indonesian rupiah has so many zeros behind it, but you don't need to place RM300k in any Fixed Deposit account and don't need to prove an overseas income. And if you like to explore places, then Indonesia is simply the best.

Singapore was the first SE Asian country to fully develop, and many people find it boring (I like it). Malaysia is one of the next generation of SE Asian countries to become well developed. Indonesia hasn't reached that stage yet, it is still underdeveloped in so many places and ways, and not much of the population can speak English, but is currently in a major growing stage.

People in the Indonesian Forum talk about renting a house for a year for around RM10,000 that includes security. And eating out is so inexpensive in Indonesia. That's really cheap compared to Malaysia. But then Malaysia feels more civilized, better shopping and lots of great places to eat out. I just feel that for those with an adventurous spirit then Indonesia could be more interesting and definitely less cheap to live.

thank you for sharing :)

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