Teaching English-Private or Public Sector?

Hello everyone,

I am in the process of going to SK to teach English in the next few months. However, I am really torn in deciding to accept a position from the private or public sector.

Public sector in government programs such as EPIK seems less work as I will be placed with a Korean co-teacher and it is less teaching hours, but a significantly larger classroom size. I also don't have to pay tax, however I will be the only foreigner working at the school.

Conversely, the private sector offers smaller classroom sizes, with no Korean co-teacher, more teaching hours, but many foreigners working at the school.

Any advice is sincerely appreciated.

Thanks T.H

If you are going to South Korea for teaching i think you should take the publik sector because you are going to living there and you can learn some korean from your korean teachers in the same school. You can even learn about their food culture and history and even other  culture that they have. You can even helping other children who came from other countries and be their strength. I hope you can be happy there and get many good friends i wish you well being and happiness in the future especially in the new country. Take care and injoy every second of your life.

Sincerely /Celia
From /Sweden, Stockholm

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