Looking for russian speaking people in Budapest!!!

Soon i will move to Budapest and  i would  really like to meet  english  and russian speaking people in order to  make a friendship with them!!  :))))))))) will be very happy to meet interesting people and gain new friends!!

Not sure what to say, most younger people these days have learned English.
Russian was forced back in the day to learn.
It seems you know English well so don't cut yourself off from English speakers.
Most everyone over age 50 in Hungary speaks some Russian, you are young so have to adapt.
No worries, there must be a few Russian speakers here in HU.

you are absolutely right,thanks for the reply!! I m looking for Russian speakers ,because they might moved to Hungary as me ( as immigrants) and could have  given  me some advices how to adapt in  Hungary or just become friends .thank you,my English is not the best but I m trying :)

Hey, judging by what you have posted, you are better at English then many native English speakers!

oh ,thanks a lot Marilyn!! :) yea my husband speaks a perfect English so thanks to him :)he teaches me how to speak and to write right !

My wife and I are planning a move to Balafon this spring and we were going to post the same message. Her primary language is Russian and mine is English. Perhaps the two of you could talk.

cool!!! yea we could :)  where are u moving from?

We are coming from the US...California. Valentyna is originally from Kyiv.

For what it is worth, I see a lot of Russian/Cyrillic signs in tourist regions, like Hévíz and Keszthely.

For, tourism, sure there is the Russian speaking segment. But not sure how many such Russian speakers actually "move" or immigrate to Hungary. For example, I know far more German speaker living here than Russian speakers here.

jdatbs :

My wife and I are planning a move to Balafon this spring

Balafon? Where is that? Is this maybe typo? Did you mean "Balaton"?

That's interesting. At one point my wife suggested that perhaps it would  be easier to learn to speak German, rather than Hungarian, because of the large German speaking population there.

nice!!! we can meet each other!!! my mom is half Ukrainian ;) I speak English and my husband speaks perfect English  :)

lalasartory :

nice!!! we can meet each other!!! my mom is half Ukrainian ;) I speak English and my husband speaks perfect English  :)

You will have more success with English than with Russian in most regions of Hungary.

But even English access will be limited in rural regions.

I don't know if there are a lot of Russian speaking people living in Hungary or not, thats why I posted this post on the forum, because i was curious! i m happy to meet English speaking people too,dont get me wrong :) its just that my mother tongue is Russian,thats why communication might be better than in English.

lalasartory :

its just that my mother tongue is Russian,thats why communication might be better than in English.


First off, you write impeccable English. Better, actually, than many native English speakers.

But, my wife, who is Hungarian, and also speaks impeccable English, prefers to speak Hungarian. A native language is still a native language, in one's heart, mind an soul. So I understand your desire to connect with like minded/heart/soul linguistic compatriots.

Unfortunately, I can only give you the "tourist" region options I already suggested. But... and this is a nice "But".... the touristic Lake Balaton, in season, is a nice place to visit in any case, so you will not be disappointed here, either seeking linguistic compatriots or for just simply fun activities.

I am wondering now if there just might be a "Russian Club" in Budapest.
A social sort of club with weekly or monthly meetings?
I know in the US we used to go to a social club in the 1950's on the east coast. I was very young but remember big events going on , balls we kids could also attend, summer cook-outs in a park, all of course with music and dancing.
I will try to check this out, I was looking for a Russian restaurant in Budapest but so far no luck finding one.

Update: Just looked online, there is a Meetup of Russian speakers here in Budapest.
"Russian Language meetup "it has 242 members . People meet up and practice their Russian , some are native Russian speakers.
My son joined a English speaking club in Budapest years ago, met some nice local Hungarians.
Just look online for Russian Speaking Meetup in Budapest.
Now to find a place for some perogies!!

dear Marylin thanks a lot for your support and help! i really appreaciate it!!! thank you very much!! :* :)

thank you very much for sharing my feelings and for understanding!!  :) yea i have a good english teacher and i think that english language is very easy to learn,its easier than russian and i guess  easier than hungarian ( as people say) i started to learn it now, but yea  if you are  moving or planning to live even temporary in the country u need to speak more or less and understand the language!

Just found a Russian restaurant in Budapest.
It is called,Pravda. Located in the town square in the city, not sure where that is but should be easy to figure out.
Go there and have a meal and I am sure you will meet a few fellow countrymen/ women.

alright !!! cool!!! thanks a lot!!! btw have u ever tried russsian food?

where did u find this online club? here on this website?

Marilyn Tassy :

It is called,Pravda.

Pravda just means "Truth" in Russian.

But..... it was also the name of the official propaganda newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

So...... is there also a café named "RT" in Budapest?   :joking:

(Sorry, I could not resist....  ;) )

I will have  to "top" you.
My grandfather actually had a monthly newspaper post in the Pravda Russian paper.
He wrote about everyday life in the US in the 1950's and early 60's.
My father had very little to do with his father because Grandpa was a "commie"!
I now think it is a bit "cool" to come from a crazy family as mine but back in the day, my father was paranoid because he worked in factories that made US military parts.
He was afraid he would lose his job if the news about his dad ever was known.
Grandpa was a trip.
I remember visiting his small but super clean and tidy apt. when I was around 4 years old.
Out of his then 19 grandchildren my 2 sisters and I were the only ones with the "manners" required to be allowed in his home.
Had to raise our hands and wait until a adult asked what we wanted, usually it was to get up off the couch and use the WC! No way could we  laugh, wiggle in our seats or talk out of turn.
So strict it was not funny.
He was born in the US to immigrant parents but went over to "party" with the party during the Russian revolution. Never heard too much about it, my dad was freaked out knowing what his dad had been up to.Stories  of horses, crowds of people, heads rolling etc. Very dark stuff.
Hard to believe all this adventure from my tiny, skinny, short little old grandpa.
We moved 3,000 miles away and my dad almost never spoke to his dad all though his adult life...
He was afraid of him even when he was a old man.

There is a Russian restaurant in Budapest  Babuska Food that i have been meaning to try. The guy putting the menus in our mailbox was an fat guy in his 70s on a bike so if he was able to bike over then it must not be that far from us in 2! He hee. It looks good from the menu.

Then there is a Russian market near Mammet Mall which is near us, we went there and brought some smoked butter fish and Russian and Ukrainian beers. They also had some other products.

yea i can assume that there is a russian food there and if there is a food there must people who buy it :D :) thanks a lot for your info!!!! :)

thanks for your reply!! yes,i heard that ,there are a lot of russians and georgians, who  went there and started business,opened restaurants :) cant wait to visit those places and compare it with my local food here in Georgia ;) its interesting how it tastes there in Budapest ;)

how long do u live there?speak Russian?

Privet, Kak u vas ?

Privet Tamas!govorite po russki??

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How would you like to teach me or talk to me in Russian in return for me doing the same for you in English or Hungarian? My name is Eddie. Desperate to speak Russian. I am an English speaker. Could be fun. Very open format. If it interests you please let me know or call/sms *** asking for Eddie

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There are a lot of Facebook groups with Russian-speaking people abroad :)

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