Does someone know for how long is the RESIDENCE PERMIT AS RETIRED NON-CITIZEN issued for?
For 3 years or for 1 Year?
Do I have to apply every year to renew it?
What does the application fee of 20000 MUR gives you? 1 or 3 years?

The 'Retirement Permit' is for 3 years initially.

However, you have to show proof of a transfer of at least $40,000 to a local bank account each other words $120,000 for the 3 years.

Thank You Winston.
I am going to transfer 120K (I want to be allowed to buy an apartment), but first will apply via the on-line system (channel A) and will do the transfer only after the "Approval in principal" is issued.
Are you on retirement Permit?
Can you send me more practical information if you are on RP?
My email is xxx
Skype: xxx

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No...I'm a Mauritian citizen.

All the information you will need is found on the BOI website as they are the only official government agency who deals with Occupation and Residence Permit applications.

Rs20,000 is for a three-year permit.
You can transfer USD120,000 or USD40,000 (for each of the three years).
The permit is renewable after three years, or you can opt for Permanent Residency.

If I may add, Permanent Residence Permit is valid for 10 years.

Important to note:
The rules and regulations changed only quite recently.
The system requirements are very different and easier now!
We are now permanent residents after going through the route of temporary retired non-citizens etc since 2008. I and others can give you an opinion or varied opinions according to the past as we were affected or it concerned us, but it is far better to contact the BOI or Prime ministers office for a face to face with regard to all your queries (direct from the horses mouth as it stands now.)
A big tip.... do not take an agent or third party with you!. Simply make the appointment and seek assistance directly in a nice way.
Perhaps find the correct contact on the BOI web-site perhaps all that you seek is on the WEB.

Thank you rsdarpaty,
The problem with BOI is that they do not reply to any of my e-mails.
I have logged a preliminary application recently, still no reply.
It seems I just have to come on site to do it, however it was safer if they look into all documents and advise if something is not OK upfront, before coming there. In Mauritius, I cannot fix any wrong document.

Direct from the horses mouth,... if the horse is awake :-)

I heard yesterday from BOI that the required inward transfer for retired visa has been dropped from $40000 to $30000 per year.

Thank you. Good news.
Better than 40K, but still too high.

Either USD30,000 at one go or show ability to transfer in monthly instalments to get to the figure.

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