looking for new friends

Hallo all🤗 looking for new friends. I am a Filipina here in Cologne. I am new here.

Hi Pepper22
I wrote you on facebook too :-)
We can be friend, I'd be very glad.

ciao, Angelo

You should check out the Facebook pages for internationals in Cologne; I am sure there are many to choose from!
Good luck!

Hiii.. I am also new here, would like to connect.

I'd like to connect with English speaking people! Feel free to contact me

Hi I'd like to connect with u. Am living in Germany

Akeem1 :

Hi I'd like to connect with u. Am living in Germany

It would help if you specified whom you are responding to. :huh:   Also telling a bit about yourself might get the conversation started easier :)

Expat.com Experts Team

Hi can we talk ? I am also looking for friends

Hie contact me I'm in bonn xxx

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Hi my name is gemmy I am definitely FILIPINA and I am looking for a filipina here in cologne to be my friend as possible. I'm just new here in this region and I don't know anyone here. Reach me out and be my friend. 😙😙

where are you

hie guys

where are you staying am in pesch

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