Looking for assistance in obtaining english language tution Essaouira.

My son's wife can't obtain a UK visa until she has good english language skills.
She lives at present in Essaouira with their son with my son only visiting when he can from Scotland.
Therefore I would like to obtain the services of say an expat who could teach english to my son's wife locally in Essaouira.
Any help or directions to help would be gratefully appreciated.

Hi Mcinnd,

Welcome on board  :)

Till members provide you some feedback, i suggest you drop an advert (native English speaker) in the Essaouira classifieds under the Language classes section so that you may get a proposal.

All the best,

Hi. Ive just seen this post and Im wondering if you are still looking for an english tutor. Im a native english teacher and have been a teacher in the UK for 8 years. I currently teach english in a high school here in Morocco so have lpts of experience.

Can you tell me where your located within Morocco?


I live in Essaouira with my husband


That's brilliant.
My son will be out from this Saturday in Essaouira visiting Soumia his wife and son Robert.
If you can provide contact details I will have him contact you.
His name is Eann McInnes and his mobile number he uses in Morocco is xx, UK xxx.
His e-mail xxx

I should have said that the initial distance from you response to mine was due to myself and wife being over in Sri Lanka on vacation and not having my connect details for expat.com on my mobile.

Kind regards

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