Car Rental in Bali

Hi, I am off to Bali this weekend and planning on self-driving there. Is there any good car rental that you can recommend? Thanks!

Better you hire a local with car as they will be better prepared, know the rules, and know where to go. I wouldn't want to do drive personally due to the insurance issues, police traps and other tourists drunk on bikes weaving in and out of everywhere.

The drunk tourists (I'm assured) are mostly in the south end of the island.
However, a car with driver is a nice idea if it's within your budget as there is no hassle, especially if you have a bump.

Go with

I have tried them few months ago, and it was surprisingly good! I filled the online form and got the respond almost immedietally. The car rental lady arranged the meeting on the airport with me. The surprise was after my arrival as my flight was delayed but she was still waiting for me! I got the car, she gave me few tips about driving in Bali and gave me a free local simcard with prepaid data so I kept being online the whole trip. This is definetely the best car rental i have ever tried and i reccommend it to everyone who is looking for big adventure on small island of Gods.


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