Car rental

Is there a chance to rent a car without a driver on monthly basis on Bali?
how much should it cost?

Yes,you can rent a car without Driver per Day or  on monthly basis ! Xenia would cost around 4.5 Million IDR Per Month ! It depends on the Car you choose,You can Hire a Chrysler,Ferrari,Wrangler Jeep,Innova,Xenia whichever you like :) Cheers,Drive Safe

Yuri, a good place to look for some good deals is the Bali Advertiser.

Unlike owning a car, you can take long term rentals here without a KITAS visa. 

Cheers, Roy

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Siang, Bli Retno,

A few suggestions to help you out, and please understand, this is my advice given to help you and not to hinder or criticize your objective to seek new business.

-Change your business e-mail address to something more serious than yahoo, gmail or hotmail.  For example,, or even better, an e-mail within your web site such as

-Make it clear with your name that you are Balinese.  Add a Wayan, Made, Nyoman or Ketut. If higher caste, then add the appropriate name, Gede, Gusti, Cok, whatever.  In general, and with no offense to non Balinese Indonesians, most folks want to have Balinese as their tour guides in Bali. Precious few Indonesians other than Balinese have even a clue about Balinese culture.   

-Avoid using this public forum to openly solicit business.  The forum moderators frown on this sort of misuse of the forum. 

-Change your forum name.  Clearly you are no Archie Bald, so no sense putting on a topeng and trying to appear like an expat.  Be honest about your identity, and include an avatar photo of yourself.   

-When you do post, take special care to be sure your English is correct and proper.  Your web site reflects this proper use of English, and so should your posts.

That's it!

Cheers, Roy

I wonder who recommended your reply:)))

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