Transports in Bali

Published by RhysG on 22 March, 2012


Taxi's are the best way for getting around in you local area. If you can try get a bali Taxi or blue bird Taxi.

Here are a few thing to keep in mind while getting a Taxi.

Make sure the taxi uses the meter, quite often they will "forget" and then you will be left negotiating the price which could be much higher.

Make sure the driver knows where he is going.

Try and have small money if you can most drivers wont have a lot of change.

Check you haven't left anything in the taxi before you get out

If the driver is being inconsiderate take down his taxi number you'll soon see a change in attitude..


Ojek are the lokal motorbike taxi. They are the best way of getting around if the traffic is bad and you know where you are going. Ojek do not have a meter so you must work on a set price before getting on an bike.

Here are a few tips when getting on a ojek.

Most legitimate ojek drivers will be wearing a fluro vest and we suggest using these guys.

Ask for a helmet (if they don't have one don't get on the bike)

Price of ojek if your in kuta and want to go somewhere else in the kuta/ seminyak area should not be any more than 30 thousand. This is just a rough idea of price though some of them might ask for more, it then depends on your bargaining skills.

Be safe and a good passenger. Being a good passenger on the bike is also key to your safety. These guys drive for a living

Private Driver

Private drivers are the best way of getting around the island. Ideal for long trips.

When it comes to doing day trips they are a lot better than Taxi's because they end up cheaper and you can stop where ever you like. Most private drivers will know their way around the island better than a taxi driver (that's why taxi are better for local areas only). When you get a private driver you pay for driver,car and petrol. The min you pay for a day 350 thousand (roughly $40) a day, most charge around 500thousand (roughly $60 for an 8 hr period.

Here are a few tips when you get your Privet driver.

You will need to arrange a day in advance on where you want to go and if there's any places of interest you would like to stop on the way or ask them if they know of any places.

Make sure the car fits everyone and if your taking surfboards ask if they have straps or any thing to strap the surfboard on safely.(ideally if your coming to bali on a surf trip bring the car straps)

Get the company number and the driver number.

sit back and enjoy the scenery while the driver deals with the hectic traffic

Rent a car

Renting a car in Bali is ideal if you are here for a long period of time and have an understanding of where your going and have a understanding of the unwritten road rules of Bali. Here are a few tips when renting a car

Make sure you have your international drivers license even though alot of car rental places will not ask for it we suggest you don't drive without one.

Work out the time frame with the car rental company and price etc up front.

They will have a sheet with an outline of the car and they will mark the damage area double check that they have marked it properly.

Make sure you get a receipt and pay for the car before actually taking it.

Get on the rd and explore what Bali has to offer, but be aware at all times when driving, Bali roads are crazy.

If you are planning to take the car off island to explore or do surf trips make sure you talk to the rental company as you will need other registration papers than what the rental company gives you normally. This could stop you from getting on the Ferry's or cost you alot in fines.

Rent a Bike

Renting a bike is only a good idea if you know how to drive a bike and ideally have a bike license. There are many things to know about driving a bike in bali. so here are some important tips

Make sure you know how to drive a bike, we highly suggest not to learn to drive a bike in Bali as it is very dangerous and alot of people ruin their holiday by being naive about bike safety

Make sure you always wear a helmet

If your getting a rental bike ask where the papers for the bike are (STNK)

Try and wear shoes on the bike

Be 100% aware of your surrounding (listen not only look)

Use your horn, it is not considered rude ( in bali no one looks in the review, but if use your horn they will know your there)

Use indicator and check twice

There's no need to drive fast especially with traffic, be patient, be smart.

Get used to the flow of traffic and go with it, the rules back home don't apply.

Always safety first these bikes aren't toys don't muck around on them.

it's very easy to go down the rd have a few drinks then hop on your bike and drive back to your villa, you wouldn't do it at home so don't do it here..

We wish you a safe and enjoyable trip in beautiful Bali........

Written by lokal living team

We do our best to provide accurate and up to date information. However, if you have noticed any inaccuracies in this article, please let us know in the comments section below.