Taxi signs going up

i live in Bumbak kerobokan and used to get a hard time from the local mafia when ordering grab or gojek,  then it stopped probably because of the pandemic, but lately i have notoced signs going up at both ends of my street saying you must use local transport,  is this the local mafia back again, is anywhere else getting this, i drive most of the time but i want to use grab or gojek at night as it is even more dangerousthan during the day because of the lack of road rules, which seem to be getting worse, especially with broken headlights as well. anyone know anything.


Blue bird are safe and use the meter.

That can't be said for many local taxis.

Gojek and grab tell you the price when you book.

No idea, but there is always talk of similar things like that happening in Ubud and Canggu. Still, I'd rather use Grab or Blue Bird than risk getitng ripped off by cheating local taxi drivers.

My limited experience says very clearly a lot of local taxis are rip off jobs in epic fashion.

At least two hotels refused to allow Blue Bird pick ups in their grounds.

The answer was, screw them to hades and book a Bluebird using the app from outside the gate.