He has got the Monaco Mist

Is this really a phenomena?

Was back in Monaco recently to meet friends and to look at renting.  Friends told me visitors must be careful of getting the 'Monaco Mist'.  Gentleman leave wives to live in the principality for tax evasion.  In that small haven they quickly meet attractive females, often from the Balkans, and forget any connections with loved ones at home.

Wonder i anyone has a comment or has hear' Monaco Mist before?

Welcome on board tantantal ;)

I have never been in Monaco before and I am totally unaware of this mist or "myth" :); but I find this weird indeed. Hope some other members will try to contribute & comment about this issue.


Hi there,
I've never heard of this before but if am curious now. If you do find out more about this, let me know. Sounds really weird.

Hi and welcome on the forum SusieLA :)

tantantal I never heard about it too but must admit it's quite intriguing.
Maybe we should do some research on it :)

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