Monaco Social Scene

I have accepted a new job in Monaco and am scheduled to re-locate within the next four weeks.
I am arriving with my fiancée who is having to give up her job in the UK. Unfortunately her job in the UK is not one that will be available in Monaco therefore when we first arrive she will be at a loose end during the day whilst I am working.
My question is therefore being a female expat in Monaco, what is there to do mid-week during the day other than shop ?
Are there any social scenes/events/clubs that my fiancée can join that will introduce her to others in the same position along with introducing us both too other expats at the weekend ?


Dear Daniel,

You might want to try this
My friend found a lot of people from England living in Monaco through this website. I'm also wishing to relocate to Monaco from London and currently seeking jobs in my PR and Marketing field.

Hope this helped.

All the best,