Families in Monaco

Hi there,
we are a family moving to Monaco in the new year of 2010. I am wondering if Monaco has much to do for families. We have 3 young boys and are worried about the apartment style living. We would like to know the different activities, if any, that are available for young families in Monaco.


Just thought I'd say hi and welcome. Unfortunately I'm not able to give much info/tips about living in Monaco as a family as I don't live there (yet).

If you're not aware of the anglofile forum (monaco.angloinfo.com/forum/) you might want to try posting there, it seems to be a lot livlier than this one...

Although I don't live in Monaco we do own a house about 45 minutes drive away in the Imperia region of Italy. I've got two young girls (4 and 2) and as a family we totally love it there!

I am looking for a job in Monaco and will be doing more research about life there over the next few months, so if I find out any useful tips I'll let you know.


Hey, I just registered on this site but already live in Monaco. I'm Dutch and my fiance (English) is just joining me in Monaco now. We just had a little boy and so we are also looking at what we can do with him. Well, only a short drive away are the mountains, so during the winter you can enjoy some snow sports and in the summer, picknicks and hikes. In the summer time, the beach in Monaco may be packed but there's nothing against taking a little drive out. Plenty of coast line to pick from. I don't know how old your boys are but there are some playgrounds in the little parks of Monaco where they can play (if they are not too old).

Let me know how you get on, good luck with the move!


I'm living in Sydney at the moment and I'm from England thinking of moving to monaco but I read somewhere that you have to have 100 thousand euros to move there and be a resident is that true?

Hi Tamash, we are a family of three boys also, and we are looking to move to Monaco from London.  Please let me know if there is much to do with a 10, 9 and 4 year olds.  We have been living in London for 6 years now and I have met loads of friendly Aussies. Very nervous about moving to Monaco...

Most people live in France and you can easily go to Monaco every day 15 mins by car.  Depending on the age of the children there seems to be more structured activities for children who are 5 plus during the summer. There are playgrounds, parks and beaches to take the children. There is also a Circus in the winter months.