Information from foreign dentist living in Monaco

Hello, I'm karina, a spanish dentist.  I am doing my orthodontics training in the US currently, but im considering Monaco as an option to go to work after I finish here. Can anyone tell me how can I find job offers in my field? what is the best approach? I dont find anything online, maybe someone knows a good recruiting agency?  is it possible for me with a spanish degree to practice there? do I need a visa if im from the UE?
If there is any foreign dentist who has moved to Monaco and is currently working there I would highly appreciate the information. thank you!

Hello karina.

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You may try to post your CV in the Healthcare jobs in Monaco section.

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Hi Karina!
I'm trying to do the same thing. Did my dentistry in Germany and my residency in the US. Did you ever find a job in Monaco? I found its rather difficult...

Hi Siletici,

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Just wondering if you are now practising in Mc? ...if not do you know of a pracice that can do root canals and crown?


Do you find a dentist that is still working there or you want to hire one? Best regards