Find a job in Monaco


You are an expat living in Monaco? Please share your experience!

What is the best way to find a job in Monaco?

The Internet? Please tell us which are the most useful / effective websites for job seekers in Monaco.

Recruitment agencies? Have you got their contact?

Newspapers? Which ones?


Thanks in advance for your participation

Finding a job in Monaco=virtually impossible for someone who does not live in Monaco.

Priority is given to residents who live in Monaco. The last options hired for employment are French residents from surrounding areas. Occasionally, but rarely, a few assignments may be available for others with qualifications they are looking for.

hi, do you have any idea, please?

Hi everyone! I am from the Philippines and I applied in one of the schools in Monaco as a teacher and the director asked me if I have an EU Passport. I said none as of the moment but I can apply if I have to. Whoever can give me information on how to acquire an EU passport please send me an email/message. It would be better if you can help me. Thank you! I think the director would like to consider me for the position if I have an EU Passport.

You cannot simply aquire an EU passport.  Having an EU passsport means you are a citizen of an EU country.

Looking for a job as an aupair,nanny,house keeper....
Then I would look at the angloinfo site.  There they often post opening for such positions.

Finding a job through the internet - practically impossible as many international companies have offices in Monaco but they do not advertise the fact on their sites.  I would make the investment of buying the Monaco Business Directory to find out the companies really present in Monaco and from there I would send CVs. Please note to use the French way of doing things ie. Hand written cover letter :-)and send your CV also in French as possible

Recruitment agencies - Plenty.  Look at the yellow pages for their address, but you have to be motivated as you have to go to them (repeatedly) they will not come to you!!!!!

As in all cities - NETWORKING NETWORKING NETWORKING -who knows who......


Hi, im from Camberra and i found a job im Monaco on internet:

The best way is through the recruitment agencies. There are only a few agencies in Monaco and most joobs are offered through them.

my name is ali abounaim  29 years old  i want  get job  in monto carlo  so hope and  my dream get job there my email [email protected] hope get answer as soon posible

Hello ali abounaim -> You should post an avert in the Jobs in Monaco section. It could help. :)

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I've lived in Monaco for 9 years and worked here for 10.

While the unemployment rate in Monaco is officially 0, it can be difficult for non-Europeans to find work.

As stated previously, all jobs must be posted with the government employment office. Priority for these positions is first given to Monegasque citizens (6,000 citizens living in Monaco), second priority is given to Monaco residents (30,000 residents most of whom aren't looking for work), third to EU citizens, and lastly to everyone else. (You can imagine that as an American citizen this was difficult to overcome.)

If you are made a job offer you must prove to the government that all of the other applicants with priority cannot do the job or you cannot be approved for a work or residence permit.

If you are not a French or Italian resident then you must live in Monaco in order to commute to work and will need a residence permit as well as a work permit.  This requires that you get an apartment in Monaco before your residency is approved. (All very tricky to manage).

Once you have a work contract from your employer which is approved by the government, then you can apply for residency.

The employment law is very different in Monaco (from France and Italy). While the work contracts look the same the law favours employers and employees can be terminated without cause even after the trial period and with an indeterminate work contract.  These terminations are limited but they are allowed. This is something that you should consider if you are European and are giving up a position to move to Monaco.

I have vast knowledge in car parts, motor trade and construction work. I have worked in many fields including electronics and second hand clothing. 28 years experience as a business owner.

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