Marriying in other country is it accepted in Morocco?

Me and my partner are planning to get married in America next month. I wonder if it is acceptable when we move to morocco? Any suggestion.

Congratulations and best of luck with your marriage!
   Morocco is now a full participant of the Hague Convention also called the Appostille Convention.  There is way too much information to discuss here but it is easy to look up.
   If the country you are married in is also a treaty participant then the marriage certificate should be recognized here. You may need an Appostille attached in order to authenticate it.
  Hotels in Morocco often request a marriage certificate before renting to couples. You may want to have certified copies made and get an Appostille attached to them rather than carrying around the original.
  Best of luck!

Yes it can accept, after marriage, marriage certification make translation English to Arabic and go Embassy of Morocco in USA and attest all documents and register as well. after that put case in court in  your city in Morocco, they will need documents from your husband/wife from Embassy of USA in Morocco just finish paper work and person can be legalized. Its take may be 30 days. Once reach Morocco start paper work immediately if you come for 30 days only

Thank you for your reply. It really helps us. We appreciate this

No problem but keep in your mind Morocco government departments are not smooth work. Unprofessional and they will not tell you bring documents in one time. According to law and as well as according to his mind and time to time pay some money and tell this is for your children before pay no body should be near him. Because you are living in USA and I am living in Saudi Arabia both countries departments 100% connected on internet some of services online. In Morocco each step you have to pay. Education, Medical and basic services are not good and very costly. No need disappoint inside Morocco Embassies and government departments because they are taking not with manners. If you disappointed better to remember me what I told you. Moroccans they wish you live like European but mentality are not same like Europian I hope you understand

Hello sir.
Thank you for your answer! Well i am japanese and my partner is a moroccan we are planning to married here in japan then i will go there to morocco so we can process it and legalize. Is it the same procedure you said?

Yes before you travel Morocco, only one thing if you are not Muslim you have to convert your religion and become Muslim and you can do inside Morocco to get certificate name is " Takeed Islam"

Hello! Thank you for your reply. I am a Christian should i need to convert ?  Or do i need to bring the certification of my religion?

Why you telling her she.needs to convert ??? No she does not ....


Hello! Do you live in Morocco?

Me.? but.soon I will....I live in u.k...I married in husband is a Moroccan muslim man I am Christian, I did not convert, as a muslim man is permitted to marry a Christian or Jewish woman you don't need to convert ..

No conversion is necessary and no one of Muslim religion is allowed to force a Christian to do this it is by choice and of your own free will

christian woman doesn't need to convert if she wanna get married with a muslim man,but christian man needs to convert if he wants to marry a muslim woman.for christian women it is a matter of choice and your own free will.

True !

Thank you for your answer! Can i ask you some more questions? Well me and my moroccan partner are planning to get married soon.. He is a police he told me that i need to send papers to him because his department wants to investigate me. Is this legal? Sorry for asking you. Thank you in advance.

You need a police check done from both your country and from Morocco so no it's not illegal, but why are you concerned? Do you trust him?

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I would like to chat to you more about Japan and Morocco as I love the two countries.

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I am an Indian Muslim, you need to covert from Christian to Muslim, Me I already Muslim but during marriage when i was making documents I convert from Muslim to Muslim because my country passport does not mentioned religion.

dolle1980 :

I am an Indian Muslim, you need to covert from Christian to Muslim, Me I already Muslim but during marriage when i was making documents I convert from Muslim to Muslim because my country passport does not mentioned religion.

i think you are confused. you didn't convert from muslim to muslim. that does not make any sense. she doesn't need to convert at all. you might be right that she needs a document stating her religion. but she doesn't need to change anything.

Hi sir can i ask u because im planing to get married to morrocan men what papers should i bring there in morroco

Your can contact your embassy in Rabat they will give you right information when i got married 2007 that time law  may be different but most important thing bring police certificate and valid your passport, document that you are not married before,  Valid visa for morocco and he must be present airport in case if immigration department ask rest document you can ask from your consulate in Casablanca as well

Philippine Honorary Consulate General in Casablanca, Morocco

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Imm, G1 Res Le Jardin Abdelmoumen
Casablanca 20100
TELEPHONE(+212) 522 982 467
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FAX EMAILphcgcongen[at]
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before you come in Morocco just send your travel air ticket , visa copy of morocco and copy of your passport and address where you will stay for your security reason by email.

best regards
and wish you happy life

Morocco law if person going to marry with Moroccan Muslim , he/she must be Muslim at present when she /he going to marry. I hope get the answer.

What if he is married on first wife is he allowed to get married again? But they already separated

Im christian but will convert if where getting married already

if he is separated  and divorce no problem, he can remarry.

I do and no you do not need to convert.  Your husband is free to marry outside Islam.  If you converted you would be limited to marrying muslim.  Enjoy your life together and congratulations.

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