FOR WOMEN: Medical fees for doctor & attaining birth control pills


Does anyone know what the fees are for a doctor's visit? Do I need a doctor's visit to get birth control pills (as a married woman) from the pharmacy? Do pharmacy's carry pills over the counter? If yes, where specifically would I be able to get some?

Thank you.

if you know what you need you can just go and buy them you dont need the doctor to write them for ya
just call the pharma and ask them to deliver it to you or go get it yourself

Simply Visit any pharmacy tell them name of Medicine you want he will give it to you .
If you dont know exact name of tablets you can ask him i need tablets for ........ anything you want like birth control .
He will recommend for you the suitable tablets for your age and tell you quantity and way to take them per day .

If you want you can visit doctor for women and birth things .
Visit vary some doctors maybe 100 and others can reach 400 or 500 per visit depends on place and experience and reputation of doctor .