Hospital job 1300 BD /month - Can 2 persons manage with this salary?

i have been offered by a hospital, 1300 BD /month inclusive of transport n housing allowance.
can i afford a decent living in a three bedroom apartment with car maintenance?( 2 persons).


kindly go through the below mention posts to get an idea  : Definitive Guide to Bahrain for New Expats : cost of living … 1#p2522261 : cost of living area wise

Good luck.


Yes u can.  But have they offered u as GP?

thanx for reply, yes they offered me a GP job with these conditions.
i am still in negotiations. and not decided.
i will appreciate if u can give advice  regarding renting  a house or flat. thanx.

OK then pay is reasonable..  I suggest u take hospital residence if available.  Otherwise a 2 bedroom fully furnished flat can cost u between 350 to 450 BD depending on the area.

For a GP 1300 BD ?????????
Of Course having experience does help .

Wow , I thought for a GP it's always between 600-900 .
Which hospital offered you this salary ?

before you reply to gunner757's question drsafdar you might want to be aware that you are using (I assume) your real photo and name on a forum that your future employer may well be watching and is certainly able to see online just as we can.

Which hospital? One of the hospitals here hasn't paid its staff for a year so I'd be careful

Wich one is that?


Omg ! I have a job offer fron ihb

But may be they have resolved their issues. They were selling some hospital land. Just be careful and confirm before joining

For dermatologist is 2000 bd salary ok? 3 y of experience. 8 h/ 6 days / week in private clinic

Yeah I think for start it's fine.

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