Visiting Syria on Israeli passport

Shalom forum.
I'd like to visit Syria, particularly Damascus and Allepo - but also to do some touring around the countryside, as well as visiting the crusader fortresses that the Syrian countryside is renowned for.
If the food is as good as I hear it is, I might even consider renting/buying an apartment.

Can I enter with my Israeli passport? Say, if I board in Frankfurt or Dubai - should I anticipate a problem in applying for a tourist visa?

Thanks in advance

I'm sorry for you...but you can't enter in Syria if you have israeli stamp in your passport...imagine if you have israeli passport!!Are you jewish or are you arabian with israeli passport?if you are arabian you could ask a special permission. I know some palestinian friends (with israeli passport) went to Lebanon and Syria with a special permission. But sorry, I don't know how they do...
good luck

well i cant add any thing to wat my friend BANOTZ says... all wat he said was true so sorry for that..... but you didnt tell if you are an arab or what is your orginal nationalty coz as you know most of israeli citizen has tow passport israeli passport and their orginal citizensheep