Cheapest travel to Australia? Please help

Hi expats,

we're an expat family living in NL looking for a "cheap" way to travel to Australia in july or august 2011. We're 4, and the usual ticket booking sites suggest roundabout flights for €1.500 per person, which is too expensive for us.

Any tips out there? We would be very grateful of any help,

thanks in advance
Lisbeth J. Veillat


I guess you should also post on the Australia forum ?

Indeed, you're right :)

I would suggest booking online early with Emirates, who fly from Amsterdam to Melbourne.

Also the other option is flying Etihad to Melbourne from Abu Dhabi.

I picked up an economy AMS - MEL return for 1200 Euro.
Also.. Emirates business class to Melbourne is fairly cheap.

Also.. my parents fly Qatar Airways from Melbourne to Europe.. one of the best in the world.

I suggest you book now.. the longer you leave it the more expensive it will become..

Also try booking at different times of the night online. For some reason all airline bookings online change throughout the night

Hope that helps

Brenno said:

"Also try booking at different times of the night online. For some reason all airline bookings online change throughout the night"

- I hadn't thought about that, I will certainly check that out.

Thanks for your answer.

I checked some months ago, and saw prices around 1200 Euro, but felt in no hurry ... stupid me, because now I only find prices around 1600 Euro.



I thought you might like to hear the outcome of my search. In principle we're "restricted" in flight dates by the school vacation beginning Saturday 2nd of july. When checking "flexible dates" on the various flight reservation sites, it became obvious that departing in June would save us a lot of money. With Cathay it would shave € 400,00 off the ticket price!!!! We're 4 people travelling, so that's a lot. Thus, we're leaving before school vacation begins.

One other airline was cheaper -I think it was China Airlines or something like it- but it had an under average incident rating ... don't want to save €100 / ticket on playing that kind of Russian roulette!

To further save money we decided to go for 3 weeks in stead of 4 ... a pity perhaps but still, 3 weeks are fine, certainly if the alternative would be staying home.

And now the exiting part is coming: planning the 3 weeks ... Which sights? How are we going to travel? Train? Domestic flights? Where are we staying? What kind of accomodation? Hotels, motels, hostels, B&B ...

Thanks for the kind interest you've shown in answering my post

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